Welcome to upside

Welcome to the upside!

This corporate blog is meant to be your window into UPS, an opportunity to meet a lot of people in addition to the individual drivers who deliver your packages.  Standing behind those front-line drivers are thousands of enthusiastic UPSers who strive to serve their customers and communities, working together across time zones and more than 200 countries and territories.

Starting out, you’ll see plenty of stories about what happens at UPS during the holidays (including shipping tips).  But there’s much, much more that we plan to share.  Like personal stories on volunteerism.  Ways to connect your business to international markets.  How we’re using technology and practical solutions to reduce fuel use and improve our green business practices. Plus news updates about UPS.  We’ll feature stories from employees around the world who have all types of interesting jobs.  Think of the upside blog as a peak “under the hood” of the big Brown engine that is UPS.

Some of our stories may be humorous while others will reflect opinions that we hope spark feedback.  We’re eager to share and talk with you.  Please join the conversation.

Ready to add your two-cents? Be sure to see our tips for keeping the discussion on topic.

Norman Black and The upside team

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  1. Why are all of the “contributors” some sort of media/public relations? If you want some stories about upsers then there should be more of a variety of bloggers.

  2. David – you’re right in noting that our initial bloggers are from the PR team. Over time, the blog will include more contributors from across the company to share their stories about UPS. We hope you’ll visit again and offer your feedback.

  3. Congratulations! A great introduction for UPS into the world of blog. I look forward to following its development.

  4. Well, I checked back after six months and it seems as though most of the contributors are still PR people. Lets get some different people’s takes and opinions.

    • You’re right, David, but we’re working on it. Getting people to tell their stories in their own words can sometimes be difficult, but we’re getting there.

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