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Shipping? There’s an App for That

Tracking? Finding the nearest UPS location? There’s an app for that, too. No wonder the UPS Mobile™ App for iPhone® became the #1 free business app for the iPhone less than 48 hours after it was released last month. And it’s still topping the charts as we head into the final shopping days before Christmas.The launch of the UPS Mobile App for iPhone is part of our overall mobile strategy to use the latest technology to make it as convenient and easy as possible for on-the-go shippers and consignees to access UPS.

Available at the App Store(SM), the UPS Mobile App enables you to track shipments, create shipments using the My UPS address book, calculate shipping rates and time-in-transit and then find the nearest UPS location. And it’s free from the App Store on iPhone or iPod® touch at www.itunes.com/ups/

The thing I like best about the app is that it’s resident on the iPhone, which means you aren’t booted over to a Web site to perform the functions. You don’t even have to log in to track your package. But if you do, the application shows a history of tracked shipments and automatically refreshes when the application is opened. You can nickname UPS tracking numbers for quick reference. So, those gifts you just shipped to your grandmother can be called “Nana” instead of 1Z 123 45E 60 1234 5678.

Mobile technology continues to change how we work and play. If you’re really interested in how mobile technology is spurring innovation in corporate America, check out Josh Bernoff’s blog Groundswell. Josh and Ted Schadler, both of Forrester fame, are writing a book on “individuals powered by technology.” They’re looking for the best (corporate) mobile applications out there. Hmm, I think I have a nomination.

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  1. How about a Canadian enabled Mobile App?

  2. You are far away from having the best corporate application, because despite being a global service provider UPS still can’t provide a global app, and the interested user does not learn that fact until first usage, which ends in frustration. There’s the USA, but there are some countries outside of it, too. Other than that, the app seems well thought.

  3. Appreciate the comments. As a global provider, we prioritize development and deployment of technology to multiple markets. Since the USA is our largest market, it is often the first on our list. UPS plans to begin providing the UPS Mobile App for iPhone to customers outside the USA in 2010.

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