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Over the River and Through the Woods …

With the cost of air travel going up, no one wants to pay the extra fees for checking their bags, which can add up rather quickly depending on quantity and weight. Since these fees were introduced, there has been an increasing trend in shipping luggage ahead. Not only can shipping luggage potentially save travelers money, but it can also lessen the hassle of dealing with luggage at the airport.

I should know. I live more than 2,500 miles from my family. With this great distance comes a great amount of travel. The airlines love me; I fly cross country five to ten times per year at several hundred dollars a pop. I no longer dread the red-eye though. I curl up against the window with my travel pillow and enter the land of nod.

Over the years and across the miles, I have developed a couple of traveling pet peeves, two of which involve people and their luggage.

  1. The closer you stand to the baggage claim doesn’t make your bags come any quicker. Neither does shoving aside a fellow traveler who is also waiting for his or her bag. If everyone just took two steps back …
  2. No matter how much you shove, whether or not you put it in wheels first, YOUR BAG IS TOO BIG! Do us all a favor and follow carry on regulations. They exist for a reason. Or better yet, don’t attempt to carry on.

Unfortunately, my second pet peeve is now more common since most airlines now charge for checked bags.

If you are traveling over the river and through the woods to spend the holidays with good friends and family, follow the tips below to have a less stressful, more enjoyable trip!

If possible, put luggage in a box. Doing this will help protect the luggage as well as provide a suitable surface for the shipping label. It might also help avoid additional handling charges.

  • Better yet, skip the luggage and place everything directly in a box to minimize having to pay oversize or overweight charges.
  • Put an additional address label inside the luggage or box in case the label on the outside is damaged or lost.
  • Using a shipping option like UPS allows you to track your luggage all the way to its destination via cell phones, PDAs or other web-enabled wireless devices, which means no more baggage services for lost baggage!
  • Visit http://www.theupsstore.com/ to use the online cost calculator to research the best rate and most economical shipping option. Planning ahead allows you to choose an economical shipping option like UPSGround.
  • Because of the duties and taxes associated with international shipments, The UPS Store® does not recommend shipping luggage internationally.
  • Due to restrictions, The UPS Store cannot ship hazardous materials, including common items such as colognes and perfumes, aerosol sprays, and nail polish via air. If in doubt, call your local The UPS Store.

Happy holidays and bon voyage!

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  1. I just like the approach you took with this topic. It is not often that you simply find a subject so to the point and informative.

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