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I deem myself “fiscally prudent” while others have used the tightwad reference. There’s joy in balancing a checkbook to the penny (yes, I still use the book). But value isn’t just comparison pricing. My bottom line satisfaction does take into account convenience, my time and quality of a product or service.So I lit up when colleagues compiled 10 tips for saving with UPS in a quarterly newsletter.

A few others jump out for their simplicity:

  • Choose the speed you need. Consider the UPS delivery service options to meet your deadline or budget. You’ll get the same familiar driver to pick up all air, ground and international packages. The processing and comparison is easy to look at options between time and cost.
  • Make it mobile. Find the closest UPS location, track to verify a delivery or call up a recent shipping address book. New apps are available to download on a variety of devices.
  • Organize information in one place. The UPS Quantum View® suite helps you manage information to enter it once and then automate tasks and export data between address books, reports and shipment preparation. Then it’s easy to send notification so your customers, business partners and friends receive an e-mail with expected shipment details.
  • Look what your dues can do. Shipping discounts may be available through trade and professional association memberships or eBay Seller pricing programs.
  • AAA members can show their card and save at more than 4,300 The UPS Store® locations nationwide. The AAA discount offers members 15% off the full retail price of eligible products and services and 5% off domestic shipping costs.
  • Plan driving routes to minimize left turns. We do it daily in the U.S. multiplied by 68,000 brown package cars. The math is simple: the more distance traveled and the more engine idling while waiting to turn, the more fuel used. Beyond cost savings, there’s the environmental benefit from reduced emissions.
  • Print what you need. Upload documents for online printing at The UPS Store. You can modify the sales presentation, real estate flier, neighborhood newsletter or restaurant menu as content and quantity changes.
  • Eliminate error-prone paper forms for international shipping. Save time, money and trees with UPS Paperless® Invoice to electronically exchange data and clear customs in more than 100 countries. With just the first 4 million shipments processed without the hard-copy commercial invoice forms, UPS customers netted a savings of about 25 million pieces of paper.

Let’s share other ideas for savings.

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