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UPS Leads Market with BlackBerry® Shipping App

Tis the season to ship and track and we’ve got an App – or two – for that! In addition to the UPS Mobile™ App for iPhone® released last month, we’re introducing the industry’s first BlackBerry shipping app.

Available for free downloading at www.blackberry.com/appworld, the new UPS Mobile™ App for BlackBerry® enables you to track shipments, create shipments using the My UPS address book, calculate shipping rates and time-in-transit and then find the nearest UPS location.

UPS Mobile App supports the BlackBerry® Storm™, BlackBerry® Bold™, BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900 and my personal favorite (since I have one!), the BlackBerry® Tour™.

I can access My UPS Address Book and Preferences to create a shipping label for the Christmas package I’m sending to my best friend in Chicago. I’ll send the label (in PDF format) to my work email, and print it out when I get there. Then, when I want to track the shipment, I don’t even have to log-in. I can nickname the package, “Margo,” which will help me know it’s not the package I shipped to my daughter, Shannon, in Hawaii.

For those of you who, unlike me, don’t spend a good part of your day IN a UPS facility – you’ll appreciate that the new UPS Mobile App taps into the GPS capabilities of your BlackBerry to help you locate the nearest UPS facility.  

Me? I’ll just give my packages to Margo and Shannon to our mailroom guy. And no, as a UPS employee I DO NOT get a shipping discount!

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