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UPS Donates $1 Million to Haitian Relief – Here’s How You Can Help

The earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday delivered a devastating blow to the island nation. Disasters such as this remind us of our own vulnerability to the forces of nature. At UPS, we’re committed to delivering aid and supporting relief efforts around the world. Through The UPS Foundation, we’re giving $1 million (USD) in cash and in-kind aid to help the people of Haiti.

We’ve also noticed a surge of interest and concern online as people search for ways to help. On Twitter, some have mistakenly shared a rumor that UPS will ship for free any package under 50 lbs. to Haiti. The destruction of roads and communications networks means our own shipping services to Haiti are on hold. Rather than offer free shipping to individual donors, UPS directs its aid through relief agencies.

However, there are several options available to offer your help:


Along with aid from The UPS Foundation, we’ll also contribute our knowledge and skills to disaster response through warehouse, transportation and distribution management. UPS participates with a team of disaster-relief logistics experts through the World Food Programme’s Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs). Through LETs, we provide “loaned” logistics experts on-site to aid with disaster response. To learn more about UPS’s commitment to global disaster relief, read Mark Dicken’s interview with UPS International President Dan Brutto.

Update: 2010-02-01 — 15:36: Added Salvation Army.

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  1. where can people ship clothes to haiti?

  2. Could you also include some grassroots charities for
    people to donate to??

    The ones I have researched and recommend are:

    Haiti Action Now – Emergency Relief

    Yele Haiti Earthquake Fund

    Thank you,

  3. As a The UPS Store (TUPSS ) employee, I was delighted to
    see how quickly our “mothership” extended her hand in
    relief. Way to go UPS !!

  4. Glad the rumors on Twitter are beginning to clear up as
    people are realizing that it was a hoax.🙂

  5. Thanks for clarifying the rumor, and helping with the aid. Awesome blog as well.

  6. This rumor is still running strong. You have to get this page to be more visible in
    search results.

  7. Thanks to everyone for correcting the facts on the rumor.

    Blair – the best way to get information for personal donations is by contacting the
    agencies we listed in this post.

    Leslie – thanks for sharing the names of additional organizations who are providing
    support to Haiti.

  8. Thank God for Google!! I didn’t think that rumor was true which is why I did a Google
    search!! Thanks for clearing it up on your website, and thanks for caring enough to
    make such a large donation. I hope others will follow in your foot steps. Be blessed!!

  9. Thanks for the info on the rumor- it sounded too good to be true however, I just got a
    notice from a family member about it so I came here to check it out- this needs to be
    on the front of the UPS site or you are going to be flooded with people with boxes to
    ship to Haiti tomorrow!

  10. What a great humanitarian iniative started by UPS, I hope more global corporations
    contribute in aid and cash to help assist Haiti with this unfortunate tragic event. We
    are one as a people.
    Individuals can also help relief efforts in Haiti text “Yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to
    Yele (www.yele.org) Only takes a second to make a significant contribution and
    continue to help by reposting this to your status! Your $5 contribution will be billed to
    your cell phone bill. This is legit and confirmed by Wyclef Jean on CNN. Help and
    su…pport our brothers and sisters in Haiti with your prayers and/or donations. One
    World One love…www.jaxsprats.com

  11. PLEASE BE SAFE!…..http://www.haitiaction.net and
    http://www.yele.org/ ARE SCAM SITES…..DONATE IN THE RED
    CROSS OFFICIAL SITE!!….at this time there is always bad
    people in the internet trying to steel MONEY!.

  12. When communication is back in order, you should offer a
    day of free, $1, or something along those lines for
    shipping for people who want to ship canned food, water,
    etc to Haiti. Not everyone has spare cash but some of us
    have spare cans of good food. Some people want direct
    results too instead of wondering whether their money has
    gone to victims or staff paychecks

  13. Patti , I totally agree it actually took me a few google searches to actually find this it should
    defiantely be FRNT AND CENTER .. Everyone is retweeting and even posting it on
    Facebook . I am posting this link on my facebook status hope it slows the rumor down a bit .

  14. Thank you for your generosity. It is amazing to see how
    quick to respond people and corporations have been.

  15. thanks for addressing the rumor, In truth, money is the
    biggest help right now since as you stated the shipping
    lanes are closed.,

  16. There is a devastating emergency transpiring this morning
    in one of the poorest nations on this troubled planet.
    Whatever your political leaning may be, the tragedy of the
    Haitian people is something that can bring us all together.

    At this moment the estimates of the number of human beings
    lost to this unspeakable tragedy range in numbers as
    varied a hundred-thousand to half a million to a million –
    or more. At this early stage, an accurate assessment as to
    the total number is all-but-impossible. All we know at
    this time is that the loss of lives is astronomical. No
    doubt about it: we all need to chip in.

    The State Department has set up a number for those who
    wish to seek information on those loved ones who are in Haiti:


    If you would like to make a donation to Haitian earth
    quake relief, here are just a few links and numbers:


    The American Red Cross:
    PO Box 37243
    Washington DC 20013

    Doctors Without Borders:

    Operation USA:



    You may also donate $10.00 to be charged to your cell
    phone by texting “HAITI” to 90999

    To make a “super immediate” (according to AlterNet) $5.00
    donation, text “YELE” to 501501.

    Pray long and hard for the poor people of Haiti.

    Tom Degan

  17. The same rumor is starting to spread on facebook. Maybe I’ll repost this on there.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people of Haiti.

  18. YELE.org is not a scam its a legit fund supported by
    Wyclef Jean. i donated through them!

  19. Hello…is there not anyway for people who are tight money wise but have clothes
    shoes in great condition, good for tropical climates to just ship them RELIEF

  20. There is a rumor going around that UPS will ship anything under 50 pounds for free
    to Haiti. I think UPS must address this rumor. That’s the only reason I came to the
    site, to get info on how to send stuff to Haiti.

  21. Stories like these should make one proud to be a UPSer. I certainly am when I read
    such stories.
    thanks for posting it.

  22. Yele is LEGIT and they are sending immediate money and help to Haiti they are over
    there NOW…. That is Wyclef Jean’s organization. They have been helping Haiti for a
    while before this earthquake!!!!

    I’ve been telling people to come to this site all day. They are still saying UPS is
    shipping for free…. How sad😦

  23. I’m in the UPS PR dept. I thought I’d explain why I think cash donations are better
    than donating things like clothes and canned goods. First, it might be cheaper to
    buy things locally or to tap into supplies that are now arriving. Second, unwanted
    goods clog up the relief network and may not be as needed as food and
    water…sorting through all those goods take up a lot of the time of the relief
    agencies too. I know because I volunteered at a Salvation Army warehouse right
    after Katrina here in Atlanta. When the victims really needed pallets of water and
    food, I was sorting through toys, broken household items, expired food cans, dirty
    backpacks. If people trying to send those via our planes and others, it means
    there’s no space for the specific goods that are needed on the ground. That’s why it
    makes sense for us to rely on the relief agencies to tell us what they want to send
    into Haiti on our planes. A pallet of medical supplies might be more important than
    clothes right now. If you really want to donate goods instead of cash, we’ve got
    some partners who match up donations with charity needs: AidMatrix and
    Giftsinkind. You tell them on line what you have to donate and they tell the agencies
    what’s available. Then the agency decides if they are ready to receive those goods
    and if they are appropriate for their needs in Haiti. The links are in Debbie’s original

  24. Thanks, for clearing that rumor up. I got it even in a text message. I am glad to see
    that UPS is stepping up and helping Haiti at this dire time. I have personally been
    affected by losing family members in Haiti due to the earthquake. But, I have also
    done some research and heard about a great organization which website is
    http://www.saveourhaiti.com and have donated to help those who are alive and while need
    aid. It is a bonafide non-profit, not like those that sprout about when tragedies occur.

  25. It’s so hard to continue working (FT driver WTC, NYC)…
    knowing that so many people are suffering. The Post had a
    front cover of a man crushed under some concrete. Is
    there any reason to be so graphic? The WTC was my route
    up to Sept. 11th, but I didn’t run to see the trama at
    ground zero. We are aware of the tragedy, the best we can
    do now is pray and let the experts do what they do.

  26. This natural disater, is heart felt world wide. I”ve served in the
    MIlitary for 22 yrs. I never seen bloodshed like this. We must
    help in any way I can, I even like to go there and assisit. I am
    praying for these people and it will be a long time before things
    get back to normal. I hope one day they can have an UPS
    depot there in the area it will generate jobs there. God bless
    them. and I ‘l do my part in sending clothes^money to support
    in the efforts of this Disaster. God Bless Them Daily as they
    are really in need of an Miracle!!!

  27. Thank goodness I came here to check things out for sure. I just put together a box of
    items to send to Haiti after receiving a text message that UPS was shipping for free.
    Now I have a box with baby blankets, towels, clothes and toiletries that I am not sure
    what to do with. Are there any agencies that are accepting these items for later
    shipments to Haiti? God Bless the people of Haiti and all those who have reached
    out in support.

  28. I too were taken in by” the text”! I am pleased that the people are truly making great
    efforts to assist all that have been affected by this devistating event. The other
    information i’ve fond though thy UPS website has been helpful in being able to do my
    part in this very trying time. Once again UPS is ” right on time ” GOD BLESS US ALL!

  29. I commend UPS on it’s excellent response to help the people of Haiti. Great job!!! Also I
    have posted the blog from the American Red Cross website on my facebook page about
    the free shipping hoax. I hope other people will do the same to help get the truth out.
    There are many ways we can all help. God bless!!!!

  30. my condolences to all the victims of HAITI earthquake. I just donate to the yele’s
    foundation and i am in the process of gathering clothes and shoes for the Red Cross. I
    am not sure if they are accepting that at this moment; i will continue to do my part in
    the effort to help those in dire need.

    May God Bless their Souls!


    I write from Miami, where I host a radio show that showcases people and
    organizations that “do good”. This week we have been floded with information of
    different organizations that are doing things to help Haiti. In doing some research we
    have found that some are schemes to take advantage of the good will of our citizens,
    and where most of the money goes to the companies and not the people in need.

    I recommend the following reputable organizations that have been in place for years
    and are based in many different countries around the world where they constantly
    help people in need and which have set in place relief efforts to help the people of

    They have aid centers in 65 different countries- including Haiti where they help drug
    addicts and homeless people. At this moment they have several containers in place
    in different cities in the US and abroad to collect donations to be shipped to Haiti.
    The number to call if you are in Florida is 305.757.2480

    888.725.3707 ext 327
    This organization was key in setting up a hospital and sending ambulances to Sri
    Lanka to help victims of the Tsunami.
    Now, they have the opportunity to send up to 17 containers of medical equipments
    valued at about $300,000 each, but need help in covering the cost of shipment of
    this equipment which is around $20,000 per container. Please visit their website or
    call to make your donation and help these efforts.
    You can contact one of their representatives directly: Martha Gonzalez 305.742.5264

    If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to contact me via e-
    mail at ggarcal@yahoo.com

    Best Regards,

    Gloria Garcés

  32. This is excellent news! I really like seeing big corporations helping other in need. For
    me, it doesn’t matter if they’re American or from another country since it’s about
    human life. Thank you UPS for your generosity.

    God Bless all those who are affected and help!

  33. Your blog is an important information channel, especially
    for timely issues like this. Shouldn’t it be connected to
    the UPS home page so I don’t have to Google to find it?

  34. MLR is embarrassed; the blog link is there; I just didn’t
    know the name and missed it–sorry!

  35. CNN said all the stores there where destroyed along with many homes.

    If there are no stores open how can they buy Cloths, Blankets?
    Not everyone can afford to send Cash, but they may have nice blankets or baby
    cloths they can send.
    I’d rather be Resourceful then Wasteful.

    I’m disappointed in UPS.
    I really thought this was a great act of kindness on a HUG SCALE.

  36. A $1 million contribution and sharing our logistics information through LET’s is a
    huge commitment from UPS, I am in no way disappointed in my company. We all
    want to help, and the experts at the scene are telling us the most important things
    needed right now for these people to survive. The necessities now are medical
    care and food and water. Cash contributions to reputable organizations are the
    best way to get these needs to the people of Haiti. Save your donations of clothes
    and other household items until there is a request for them through the Red Cross
    or other organizations that will accept your donations and get them to Haiti. The
    rebuilding of this area is going to take a long time and eventually these things will be
    needed. Send money now. If you can’t send money, just be patient and other
    donations will be used at a later time.

  37. How and where do we ship clothes to Haiti.

  38. Thanks to everyone who helped correct this rumor online. I’ve seen a few questions
    from folks asking about additional ways to provide help to Haiti. Please be sure to read
    Lynnette McIntire’s comment from Thursday. She provides a detailed response on how
    best to support relief efforts.

  39. I am a Proud UPSer and am glad to be working for such a
    generous company! Keep up the good work UPS and let all
    of us keep Haiti in our thoughts and prayers. A prayer goes
    a long way, so even if you can’t afford to give anything, a
    prayer is always free, always avaliable and always on time.

  40. I just heard on Fox News that China is only donating $4.4
    mil – UPS donating a $1 Million speaks volumes about the
    integrity of this company!

  41. Are you taking shipment (cloths and shoes) from the communities, over to Haiti. If
    so, who do I contact here in Oakland, CA.

    • Felicia – We are not shipping goods to Haiti from individual donors. The best way to help is to donate money to relief agencies, several of which are listed in the blog post. Please see Lynnette McIntire’s comment in this discussion thread for more details on why cash is more helpful than clothes, shoes or food.

  42. Thank you for you help and generosity to the Haitian people. God bless you all!

    Para los que dicen que NO esta llegando la ayuda para los Haitianos, ésta es la
    mejor manera de demostrar lo contrario.
    Estas fotos fueron tomadas en el Aeropuerto Internacional de las Americas hoy en
    la mañana, mostrando la gran cantidad de aviones que estan parqueados el la
    terminal, aviones de todas partes y de todos tipos que traen ayuda a los
    Haitianos, incluyendo la compañia UPS Dominicana, la cúal donó 1 millon de


  44. thank goodness for companies that are caring to aid and assist Haiti in disaster
    relief. $1Million dollars and additional aid is going to go far in the process to
    rebuild and restructure that poor nation. I just wish $1Million could have been
    implemented to save some of the 1800 UPS jobs lost here in America this month.
    Sounds like mismanagement and picky choosing of company funds.

  45. Thanks to Lynnette and others for explaining why cash
    donations are really the best way. I know we are taught to
    try to be sure where our donations are going, but in an
    emergency in far away place, letting the experts
    coordinate via large reputable NGOs that have experience
    in the area is really best. Individual donations of
    material things simply don’t work well and often hold up
    the specific desperately needed supplies.

    Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross are two highly
    reputable and politically independent (impartial to all
    factions so they can help people anywhere in the world)
    organizations, as well as many others you can research

    If you have canned goods or clothes etc, PLEASE bring them
    to your local food pantry or shelter. There are plenty of
    people here in the USA going hungry this year. If you
    can’t send cash to Haiti, please don’t let that stop you
    from helping out hungry children here. It’s all one world,
    and we each do what we can.

  46. If you are looking for a great way to donate to Haiti there is a wonderful group
    through the United Methodist Church that has an A+ rating because they donate
    100% of everything they get to Haiti.
    It is call Umcor P.O. Box 9068, New York, NY 10087 Please write the Haiti Advance
    NUmber on your check. 418325 Haiti Emergency .

    Check them out online. just google umcor . Very reputable organization..

  47. I would like to see UPS in the future offer some free or minimal cost shipping to Haiti. I
    know this is not possible now but when communication is better. I have close ties to
    Haiti through my boyfriend. He has immediate family (20- adults & children) members
    in Port-au-Prince. Thanks to God, he has heard from them and they are all well, but
    of course, homeless and in-need.. I have given cash to the Red Cross , but in the
    future want to be able to send cash and material items directly to them. They are in
    need of all of this. Peace

  48. I am trying to organize a fundraizer at my school in the bay area, to help Haiti. I want
    to get people to donate clothes, food, water, or anything that can help. How can I get
    this started? Once I do have it all organized, where who would I get in touch with to
    send all of our collections to Haiti? I know that the American Red Cross is not
    accepting any clothing or food donations, but it is very well needed. I want to do
    anything I can to help. Please forward any information, so that I can try to organize
    this function, there are many people who are willing to donate to Haiti. Thank You.

    • Leilani – Relief agencies like the Red Cross, CARE, Salvation Army and UNICEF will give you the best advice and guidance on what’s needed now in Haiti. Aidmatrix and Gifts in Kind International do accept donations of goods from organizations. See Lynnette McIntire’s comment from January 14 – she provides insight on the best ways to support relief efforts.

  49. Hi, Debbie
    See my message dated 01/19/10. Do you think this is possible that UPS will be able
    to do this in the future ? Thanks

    • Linda –
      Thanks for your continued comments to our blog. I’m grateful to hear that your boyfriend’s family survived the earthquake. Like a lot of companies doing business in Haiti, we’ve also suffered loss to this tragedy. As a result, we can’t reliably or safely deliver your goods direct to your boyfriend’s family because our operations aren’t intact.

      Right now, our main focus is on supporting the relief efforts – that’s why our aid is directed to relief agencies rather than offering free or discounted shipping service. It’s too soon to say when we will resume delivery service to Haiti.

      We share your concerns about the future of Haiti and hope for better times ahead.

  50. I just went to that site http://www.saveourhaiti.com/ and donated $1000 to help the
    relief in Haiti. its a 501 C 3 so its a tax write off.

  51. Thanx for clearing the rumor. i got a text that said exactly that.

  52. At work we collected many bags of clothing, shoes and blankets in very good condition
    and we have no way of shipping them.

    Will someone step up to the challenge and help us get these thing there.

    Will it be UPS, Purolator, Canada Post, Fedex…someone move on this.


  53. There is obviously a lot to learn. There are some good points here.

  54. Thank you for you help and generosity to the Haitian
    people. God bless you all.i prey of them.

  55. thanks so much for all the information. This is a very
    informative post. I congratulate you for your honesty
    because it doesn’t happen often.



  56. Me and my granddaughters are getting clothes and shoes together that we don’t wear or don’t fit or don’t even wear /we are getting them ready and packed to send to people who desperatelly in need of clothes and shoes its not much but its something that I’m trying to teach my grandchildren.to give to kids who lost there parent and don’t have anyone or anything GOD BLESS THE PEOPLE IN HAITI

  57. I’m an authorized UPS Shipper in Santa Barbara. Here is a link to my local blog where I have posted a video of UPS helping in Haiti. Enjoy!


    Santa Barbara UPS

  58. I just found this cool blog.ups.com blog article and I must say to you thank you very much for providing this one to us.

    • Thanks for visiting our blog Tony! We’re glad to know
      that you found the information useful.

  59. I would like to send 160 T-Shirts to Bangladesh for the
    street children from Toronto. I have collected some of
    these T-Shirts from The Canadian Hearing Society
    and some of them are bought by me and one of my co-
    workers. These children are goint to Shakti Bidyalaya.
    Shakti Bidyalaya is a school in Bangldesh for the
    children who live in the street.

    Please help me for sending these T-Shirts to Dhaka,
    Bangladesh. I would like to provide with my address
    and phone number if UPS or anyone else would like to
    help me sending these T-Shirts to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Thank you very much and God Bless.

    Ayesha Meher

    • Thanks for your inquiry. The support we provide is dedicated to our humanitarian relief partners, such as CARE, UNICEF and the World Food Programme. We do not accept collection drive items. One option to consider is contacting AidMatrix, UPS’s logistics partner, with your shipment request. You can find them online at http://www.aidmatrix.org.

  60. Great information. I got lucky and found your site from a
    random Google search. Fortunately for me, this topic just
    happens to be something that I’ve been trying to find more
    info on for research purpose. Keep us the great and thanks
    a lot.

    Frisco Plumber

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