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I confess that I’m a huge fan of routines – with three kids under three, anything out of the ordinary throws a kink in our day.  But change can be good.  Like some of the new features at the UPS website.

The new Locator is pretty cool – you can see on a map where the closest places are to ship your package.  I love to get rid of baby gear by selling it online – and those folks at The UPS Store®  in my neighborhood know how to handle heavy or oddly-shaped items.  Click on a location and you can get info like store hours, latest pickup times, what services they offer, and driving directions.  For fun, you can zoom in to see a bird’s-eye view of your own house.  The landscapers sure did a nice job in our neighbors’ backyard.

Even though we consistently fill two plus boxes of recycling each week, I still feel like our family could be punching holes in the ozone with the number of diapers we go through.  UPS is trying to make up for that, in a way, by offering UPS Smart PickupSM  as an option.  Your driver will only come on days that you have a package to ship, saving some gas and reducing unnecessary emissions. 

My husband got an iPhone®  a few months ago, and every time he puts it down, I’m guilty of swiping it to check the weather or play a quick game of Sudoku.  Of course as soon as the UPS MobileTM App for iPhone® came out, I popped it on his phone.  At first, I just wanted to see how it worked and play with those cool maps, but I found myself tracking packages constantly between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pretty easy to do, even while fixing dinner, washing bottles, and turning on cartoons for my two-year old.  That’s saying something! 

 If you’re interested in what else is new on ups.com, visit ups.com/whatsnew.

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  1. I noticed something new on UPS.com. It is the Developers Center. I know it is brand
    new and just the beginning. What are the plans for making it super friendly to
    developers? I think this will lead to some exciting new ways to connect with systems at

  2. The UPS Developer Kit gave the old UPS OnLine Tools a face lift and added some
    new APIs: Locator API, Pickup API, and Address Validation Street Level API. So, in
    a sense it is brand new since we just relaunched it in order to give developers a one
    stop shop to download APIs that come with guides, logos, and code samples.

    There are some really cool ways to integrate UPS technology into your website –
    like the Address Validation API that will check a customer’s address and provide
    options if something is wrong with the address. Or the Tracking API that lets
    customers see the status of the packages you’ve sent them right on your site.
    Pretty cool – reduce operating costs and improve customer service.

    We do have some ideas in the works to make this area of the site more friendly –
    hopefully in the next year we’ll have more details to share.

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