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Logistics in Haiti: UPS Volunteer Delivers Relief

Today’s 6.1 aftershock in Haiti doesn’t faze UPS volunteer Craig Arnold. “No problem for me and my roommates. On the way to the clinic, school and command center to assess,” he e-mails at 6 a.m. Since last Friday, Craig has been in Port-au-Prince as a volunteer for the Salvation Army. It’s his sixth trip in five years.

UPSer Craig ArnoldMuch of his days are spent dodging the debris and chaos of Haiti’s streets to retrieve relief supplies that are now arriving at the airport. In his real life in Northern California, Craig is a UPS sales director. In Haiti, he’s a driver and a logistics coordinator.

On Tuesday, Craig writes, “I spent most of the day at the airport. I picked up 7 rescue workers and their supplies and then five doctors and disaster recovery leaders.”

At the airport “we are allowed to simply drive on the grass next to the runway after we clear one check point. This makes the pickups safer…the front of the airport is not guarded and this is where you see some violence. We just drive right through and do all our business with the full protection of the 82nd Airborne,” he writes nonchalantly.

“Even though we are still doing mostly small planes, we do have a 20-foot truck and today we almost filled it with supplies. On Wednesday, we are expecting a whopper shipment of water and food.”  That’s a far cry from earlier in the week when the military was just getting the airport secure and flights were few and far between because of the inoperable traffic control center. In those days, Craig’s emails and phone calls were full of frustration about the ever growing need and the tiny trickle of supplies.

Now at the Salvation Army Headquarters, the grounds are a hive of activity. Children and families are sleeping on the lawn (a baby was born earlier this week on some of the lawn furniture). A medical clinic is operating and a feeding center has been established. “The clinic has seen more than 452 patients in 2 days and is going great. In fact, other clinics are asking about bringing their wounded to us…we did a small feeding. Nothing like the 10,000 yesterday. We hope for one of those again tomorrow.”  That feeding is dependent on a replenishment of the supplies that still are erratic.

On Monday, 8 doctors and 4 nurses arrived. “Normally we operate the clinic with one doctor and 3 nurses. The team of 8 doctors and 4 nurses includes 2 surgeons. They are all arriving on small private planes. They saw over 100 people in the first two hours. They triage in the playground and the worst cases end up in the Coleman tent.”

Craig seems to have put aside the horrors that he’s witnessed on the streets of Haiti. Now, he’s focused on the job at hand…get relief supplies distributed to the people in the most efficient way possible.

His only hesitation: “I need to do a lot of loading and unloading today. My back is older than I’d like it to be.”

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  1. Craig what an awesome thing you are doing. Be safe and
    thank you for your caring and support!! You make your family,
    friends and UPS all proud!!!

  2. Way to go Craig!! We’re cheering for you!

  3. Craig,
    Keep it up my friend, you are a hero to all of us!

  4. Craig: What an incredible thing you are doing and a tremendous effort.
    Be safe & we are thinking of you.

  5. Craig~ Thank you for helping the people of Haiti! Be safe!

  6. Craig, keep up the great work. We’ll continue to prayer for your safety and the safety
    of those around you as you work selflessly to help others. Godspeed and see you

    Best Regards,

  7. Craig,

    You are a hands on true leader. Giving your time and skills is awesome.
    Know that you inspire me to do the best job I can. As well as help others in need.
    Be safe and I look forward to reading the updated blog. Know that my prayers are with


  8. Craig:

    You are an inspiration to us all and you are doing UPS proud. Stay safe

  9. Craig,

    Thank you for taking the time to help others in need and to bring hope to those who
    are feeling such dispair. I know the they are truely blessed to have your help, just as
    we are very blessed to have your leadership as our district manager.

    I too, will continue to keep you and the people of Haiti in my prayers.


  10. Craig, Thank you for giving your time and effort, you really have a special heart. be
    safe and keep on doing what you are doing, you are a tre Gem!!

  11. Craig, You are truly INCREDIBLE! Your unselfish love to help others in need is
    amazing. Keep up the great work you are doing as I will keep you in my prayers.

    BE SAFE,


  12. While those of us with less “useable” skills in disaster situations at times feel helpless,
    it is heart warming to read about members of UPS being able to go to Haiti and
    contribute their expertise in assisting to “organize” an almost insurmountable
    challenge! Keep up the good work Craig, stay safe and God Bless You and your
    group as you go about your daily work. Take care!

  13. Craig – Thank you for giving so much of yourself and helping these people. You, all of
    the volunteers and the NYPD and FDNY are truly heroes in our eyes once again. Stay
    healthy and safe, you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Joyce – Metro Jersey

  14. God Bless You Craig! Your efforts have brought tears to my eyes but more Important
    than that, I know that your efforts have brought tears of joy & hope to the peole of Haiti.

  15. Although I already know what an incredible person you are….You never cease to
    amaze me. Although I worry about you, I am so very proud of you. Stay Safe and God
    Bless you and know that you are MY hero.

  16. Craig,

    What an awesome job you’re doing. It always feel better when
    you’re giving, as oppose to receiving. Travel safe back home.


  17. Hi Craig – You’re incredible! Thanks for everything that you do! My family and I will
    keep you in our prayers for a safe trip and return. Take care! Richie

  18. Craig,
    We were not surprised when we heard you had gone to help. You know Brenda is
    keeping us updated from info she is getting thru your Admin and Anne. We are
    keeping you and all the volunteers in our prayers. I’m sure it’s much worse than what
    we are seeing on the news. Anything you need, tell Anne to call us. We will get it to
    you. Be Safe!

  19. Thanks for your leadership in helping out others in need. Many people discuss how to lead, fewer actually leading/doing. Craig, your a do’er, teacher, and leader. God bless and take care.

  20. Craig – You are an inspirational leader and an even greater person. I will continue to
    pray for you and your team and your family. – Shane

  21. Craig – thanks for giving so much of yourself to those in need. You’re an inspiration to
    us all back at home. Be safe and we’re looking forward to having you back. David

  22. Craig – Thanks for your leadership, you continue to prove that UPSers are truely our
    most valued assets. Our prayers are with you.

  23. Craig,

    We need more men like you in this world! I wasnt surprised
    when Brenda told me what you are doing. God Bless!

  24. My prayers are with you and your co-workers.

  25. It is the true leadership that UPSers like Craig demonstrate that continue to make me
    proud to be a part of this organization. Thank you for not only providing support, but
    also for sharing your experience for those of us who cannot be there to help.

  26. So many of you have commented on Craig’s story. I thought I’d give you an update
    about what his Wednesday was like. He’s coming home on Saturday. Craig wrote:

    “Today was OK. We are starting to send some people home and replacing them
    with people who will stay much longer. Lots of trips to the airport sitting on the
    runway grass waiting. That is what I’m doing know. In the last 30 minutes I saw the
    military land 13 huge planes rolling off trucks and supplies.

    The clinic is doing great. We started construction on a classroom, built the base for
    a water system that arrives tomorrow, and we were given a brand new generator by
    someone who couldn’t use one but it was shipped to them by someone.

    We had a sad day to some extent. The search and rescue team they got in last
    night found the body of the corps sergeant major. The assumption from a couple
    days ago was that he died in his car during the earthquake but now at least the
    family knows.

    The city is full of dead bodies. Most buried under rubble so you can’t see them, but
    in the heat of the Caribbean sun you can smell them. We learned how to petition
    the UN to dispatch a clean up but the delays are long especially for these buried
    under large pieces of debris because there aren’t very many teams with cranes and
    the streets are so small and full of rubble (it is only a little worse than normal in that
    area) that the cranes can’t get there.

    We had 1 great feeding program with 10000 people served. Then we tried to feed
    the next day but the crowd was out of the control and we had to stop. You really
    need 25 or 30 heavily armed solders in armored vehicles to do a distribution.
    People are really getting hungry so we have to feed but we have to have security.

    That is about it. — Craig”

  27. God bless you for your work in Haiti. My family supports a young boy at a Christian
    school in Meger and we have been relieved to hear they are OK, while fear for their
    safety and yours. My church is planning a trip to come rebuild the scool and a local
    Seminary when the region stabilizes and I look forwrd to come and help also. I am
    praying for you and your health. I pray your back will be stong and pain free. Thank
    you again for being the hands of Christ in Haiti.
    Phil Haggerty, Air Operations Manager, Portland Oregon

  28. Craig,
    All of us at UPS are very proud of your efforts. Hang in there and stay strong.
    Bless You

  29. Craig,
    For those of us that work for UPS and cannot actually go to Haiti, you are
    demonstrating the commitment that our company stands behind in stepping up to the
    plate and helping the people of Haiti during this stressful time. Your dedication to
    service with the Salvation Army will not go unrewarded. You will be blessed for your
    good deeds. My continued prayers are with you and the people of Haiti.

  30. Craig,

    I think that what you are doing is an awesome thing. Myself and 6
    friends from church are schedule to arrive in Port au Prince on
    Feb. 1. I look forward to continue what you have started.
    Helping one person at a time.

  31. Craig,

    This is truly amazing that you’re in Haiti helping first-hand all of those that are in
    need. Your courage and leadership is a great blessing and inspiration to people in
    Haiti and also to all of us here in the US.

    Thank you for your service.
    Have a safe trip home.

    Our prayers are with you and with people in Haiti.

  32. What an unbelievable selfless act. I just learned of your volunteerism and am in awe.
    Thank you to you and your family for the sacrifices you are making in order to help
    those in need. My hat off to you and to all the people working side-by-side to help this
    nation recover. Be safe.

  33. Craig,

    Not surprised one bit. Awesome. Keep up the good work. Be safe.

  34. Craig,
    As we are watch this tragedy unfold from the comfort of our homes, it brings some
    consolation to know you are there, working hard, and making a real difference.

    Our thoughts are with you, the rest of the Salvation Army team, and the Haitian

  35. What you are doing is truly amazing, and shows how one
    person can make a huge difference.

    My thoughts and prayers are continuing for the people of Haiti
    and for those who are giving of themselves to help them.

  36. Am very happy to hear about salvation army once again in my life ‘ve lost contact
    with them for so many years ago.

    I am a salvationist, but the time I leave my parent there is not salvation army in the
    state am leaving and I love Salvation Army very well.

    please reply my mail.

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