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UPS Logistics Volunteers: Heading back to Help Haiti

In 2008, John Vera and Bill Torres went to Haiti to offer their logistical expertise in the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes. Touched by the experience and by the people they met two-years ago, they have signed up once again to help Haiti following the recent earthquake. John and Bill are part of UPS’s participation in the UN’s Logistics Emergency Teams, which support the World Food Programme’s disaster response. This time, they will work from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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  1. I am glad that we are showing our people who are offering help where it is needed.
    This puts a face to the corporately supported aid we are providing. Nice job.

  2. John, Bill: I’m very proud of your commitment to help the people in need through the
    LET program and appreciate the sacrifice you and your families are making. I know
    UPS is well represented in the Haiti efforts. Gob Bless you. Your UPS Partner, Alice

  3. Gentlemen I applaud your relief efforts and wish you well and safe return. As a fellow
    UPSer I thank you for all you are doing for the unfortunate. God speed.

  4. I’m very proud of your Help the people of Haiti…. Thanks UPSer John and Bill🙂

  5. Super job!!!
    How does one get involved? We have a 5th grade class in Spokane, Washington that
    has collected money and several hundred stuffed animals for the children of Haiti but
    found out the cost of shipping them to Haiti will cost more than the money they
    collected. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

  6. Keep up the great work. Your passion and commitment will make a difference.

  7. John and Bill – seeing your video and reading the posted updates of your time in Haiti
    make me very proud to be a UPSer. I thank you both for your valuable gift of support
    and your time, especially for your sacrifice of time with your families. What you are
    doing is selfless and admirable. Best wishes for a safe journey and God Bless you

  8. John and Bill,

    Nice work, I know first hand the sacrifice that it takes to be away from your family and
    have to miss all of the day to day events that can so easily be taken for granted.
    Thank you and your families for your commitment to be placed in harms way to make
    our world a little bit better. Well done, UPS world wide is proud of you! Well done.

  9. je trouve super l’implication d’UPS dans l’humanitaire …

  10. AFAICT you\’ve cvoered all the bases with this answer!

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