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Logistics in Haiti: UPSers Feed the Supply Chain and Haiti’s Children

UPS and UNICEF volunteers box up clothing for Haitian children.This weekend was busy for UPSers focused on helping Haiti:

  •  In Miami, more than 50 UPS volunteers boxed up over 2,000 cartons full of blankets, sleeping mats and towels in a UPS warehouse  
  • In Carteret, NJ volunteers from UNICEF and UPS boxed up 2,000 sets of underwear, shirts, shorts, sandals, toothbrushes and toothpaste

Both shipments will be merged in Miami this week for delivery to the UNICEF distribution center in the Dominican Republic. From there, the supplies will be put in trucks for delivery to Haiti and distributed to help more than 50,000 children. The shipments are part of UNICEF’s program to provide assistance to unaccompanied children, who have lost or became separated from their families.

U.S. Fund for UNICEF CFO and Executive Vice President Edward Lloyd sent a nice note to UPS:

“I cannot begin to express how appreciative we are for the support and goodwill demonstrated by the entire UPS family…we cannot believe the lightning speed that you and your colleagues were able to produce this plan. It is truly amazing and the children of Haiti are the true beneficiaries of your generosity.”

 UPS aircraft arrives daily into the Dominican Republic and tonight in Port-au-Prince.

UNICEF reports that while it continues daily delivery of critical life-saving supplies such as water, nutrition, shelter and medicine (so far, UNICEF supplies for 250,000 children have arrived and are being distributed), UNICEF and partners like Save the Children have also begun registering unaccompanied children found in the streets of  Port-au-Prince. The program will begin to trace the families of these children, if they exist, and to provide a safe place for them to stay.  

Meanwhile in the Dominican Republic, UPSers John Vera and Bill Torres are at work as part of the World Food Programme’s Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs). Both are working at the Las Americas airport overseeing the loading and unloading of aircraft.

On Friday, John Vera wrote:

“There are still lots of relief coming into the airport daily. The organization of getting this relief to Haiti has improved greatly in the last couple of days. The relief doesn’t sit for too long before it gets on trucks. It’s a good sign and it could only get better as the days progress.”

In Port-au-Prince, UPS volunteer Craig Arnold continues to support logistics operations for the Salvation Army.

On Saturday, Craig wrote:

“Salvation Army volunteers along with 78 members of the 82nd Airborne Army Rangers distributed 174,000 meals today with less than 12 hours notice.”

“We have food distributions planned for Mondays and Thursdays. They are major undertakings…it has to be packaged, moved to Miami, and then flown to the Dominican Republic and trucked to Port-au-Prince….Once it gets here we have to find a secured place to keep the food (You can’t just rent warehouse space somewhere because of looting. You have to have somewhere that is secured by the military)…then we call the 82nd Rangers and plan out security for the drive from the warehouse staging area to our compound and then we actually get to distribute.”

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  1. Cada mañana veo a Juan Veras el el aeropuerto de las americas,Santo Domingo,
    El esta trabajando duro al igual que todos nosotros aca en santo domingo, para la
    ayuda a nuestos hermanos haitianos.
    Ayer lunes llegaron 2 aviones cargados de ayuda humanitaria, estaban cargados
    con cajas de Unicef y trabajamos hasta tarde en la noche despachando las
    mercancias hacia haiti.
    En UPS Dominicana nos esforzamos cada dia para dar el 100 por ciento de
    nosotros a nuestros vecinos mas cercanos los haitianos. Gracias por la solidaridad
    de todos los empleados de UPS por du cooperacion desde otros paises.
    Att, Amaury Moreno

  2. I really enjoy visiting this site daily, always fresh and reliable content. Keep it up!!

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