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UPS Delivers for Sprint

Check out this video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at how thousands of orders are fulfilled every day for Sprint customers. UPS handles 85% of direct-to-consumer orders in U.S. after competing with 8 other companies to win the business.

Some 5 1/2 miles of high-speed conveyors and 375,000 square feet of storage and fulfillment space in Lousiville, KY make it possible. Why Louisville? Close proximity to the runway at WorldPort, UPS’s major air facility, allows Sprint to ramp up its response time.

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  1. I FORGOT I had this benefit:-( I recently purchased Sprint phones(4 new up grades)
    this past Sat 5/26, is there any way I can still BENEFIT from the 25% ? Or I have towait on my next turn on up grades in 2yrs?😦

  2. I have a sprint phone now, How do I apply the discount?

  3. Sprint is making me renew my UPS discount after many years. They have asked me for the UPS Freight Corporate ID. I’ve looked everywhere and have talked with many people. I cannot find it. Anyone know the corporate id number that Sprint is looking for? Thanks for any help.

  4. I retired from UPS 4 years ago. Sprint is making me renew my UPS discount. However, they told me that the discount program is not available to UPS Retirees. What’s up?

    • Hi Erik,
      I checked with some people in Finance and the Sprint discount is not offered to UPS retirees at this time.

  5. yeah, i actually want to get the discount, but am having a really hard time finding the corporate ID as well. I currently work out of the San Francisco UPS location. Can anyone help?

  6. To receive your Sprint discount you should go to http://www.sprint.com/verify. Fill in the requested information, verify employment, and submit. Your discount should show within 2 to 3 bill cycles after submitting. The Corp ID for UPS is NAUPS_ZZZ. Thanks for choosing Sprint!

  7. Please take the time out to visit us at http://www.sprint.com/ups to see all of your great promotions for this month. We value our UPS employees here at Sprint!

  8. Hello I work at a UPS warehouse as a package handler. I’m on a sprint plan with my dad, how do I get the 25% discount?

    • To get your UPS discount, please go to http://www.sprint.com/verify and fill in the requested information and submit all information. This process will allow you to be validated as a UPS employee. Thanks for being a Valued Sprint Customer!

  9. I invite ALL UPS Employees to visit us at http://www.sprint.com/ups to see our great offers! Don’t Miss Out!!!!

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