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In Calgary, New UPS Hub Delivers For Customers and Local Economy

UPS CalgaryAsk and you will receive. UPS Calgary employees have long awaited the opening of their new facility. Today we celebrate this opening along with customers, local government, media and the Calgary Fiddlers.

Picture a football field, now multiply that by two-and-a-half and you have the size of this new hub.  There are more than three kilometers of conveyor belts in the building – that’s longer than my routine coffee run to the Tim Horton’s around the corner!  This new airport hub will double the previous centre’s processing capability and allow us to expand our delivery capacity for the next 10 years. It is going to change the way UPS serves Calgary customers, and in turn, how they will serve their customers.   

With the facility’s close proximity to the airport and the city’s major highways, we’re now able to offer customers the convenience of later pickup times for their shipments. It also can process over 7,000 packages per hour – doubling our previous sorting capacity – and help connect Canadian businesses to markets around the world. The facility’s expanded capabilities will mean even greater flexibility and convenience to customers.

Another benefit – the hub will help boost the local economy, not immune to the hard times over the past year, by adding more than 400 new jobs at the facility.

Even with the recent recession, UPS continues to invest in building new facilities in Canada. Calgary’s new hub is the latest and greatest, but back in December 2009 the Toronto hub also underwent a large expansion. 

The opening of this new hub also comes at the perfect time. On February 28, UPS celebrates 35 years in Canada.  This new Calgary Airport facility is yet another example of UPS’s vision to prepare and plan for the future. This foresight will benefit our customers, but also us, as employees, as it aims to better support global trade and connectivity for businesses in Canada.

The only thing missing in Calgary right now are the warm Chinook winds… and the stampede.

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  1. Wow. I never realized that UPS was so well organized. i should use it more often.
    thanks for the info Robyn I intend to put it to good use!

  2. Thanks for the information Robyn I intend to put it to good use!

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