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Big Brown Goes Green in the Bluegrass

“One good turn deserves another.”  I’m sure you are familiar with that old proverb. Well, at UPS, we have recycled that old saying: “One right turn deserves another … and another … and another.”

We’ve proven that three right turns are often more fuel-efficient than one left, and we’ve reengineered our entire delivery network around this green idea.

We also believe strongly in multiple right (or good) turns through our charitable activities, with the environment being one of our primary areas of focus.

In my hometown of Louisville, Ky., we’ve aligned ourselves the past two years with Brightside, a public/private nonprofit that unites people in clean and green activities to beautify the city and foster community pride.

In the spring and fall, we are sponsoring Brightside’s Community Cleanup. We like to say “Big Brown is going green in the Bluegrass.” Our employees are among the 7,500 volunteers who hit the streets to pick up tons of food wrappers, beverage containers, cigarette butts and other trash carelessly strewn around the city.

Personally, I’ve scoured sidewalks, policed up park grounds and passed out poplar saplings for Brightside. It’s a dirty job, but it can sure help clean your conscience.

And it doesn’t take that much time to make a difference in the environment. That’s something we’ve demonstrated recently as an airline when we began slowing down our flights from Louisville to the U.S. West Coast. We’re flying these three- and four-hour flights two to 11 minutes slower than we used to – with no impact to our customers.

A few minutes doesn’t sound like much, right? Well, those couple of minutes are saving us millions of dollars each year, significantly reducing fuel burn and curbing jet engine emissions.

A few minutes can make a big difference. Have you considered making a few minutes for some right turns in your community?

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