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Quick Quotes via UPS Mobile™ App for Android™

Android users, UPS now has an app for you! Not only can you track shipments when you are away from your office or home computer, one of the cool features on the UPS Mobile App for Android enables you to get a quick time and cost quote using the Quote tab. While on the go, you may want to know how long it would take to send a shipment across the country, or perhaps get a ball-park cost to ship a small package. By filling out a few simple fields, you have your answer in the palm of your hand. 

Need to know where the nearest UPS drop-off location is? Just use the App’s Locations tab, to find a UPS Store or Authorized Shipping Outlet near you. The App even gives you driving directions. All this, without even having to login!

If you want to ship a package, you can login and use the Ship tab (which is synched to your My UPS profile from ups.com) and select from the ups.com Address Book where you want your package shipped. Once completed, there will be an email with your label waiting to be printed. Print the label and put it on your package, then call 1-800-PICKUPS for a pick-up or drop it off at the nearest UPS location.

The whole process is simple and can be completed in minutes – allowing you to be more productive while you’re on the go.

 For more information, check out ups.com/android.

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