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Earth Day 2010: Who Cares?

Yes, it’s that time of year when corporations of all sizes and shapes paint themselves green and brag about their environmental friendliness. On April 22, thousands of press releases will spread like vines across the internet – touting everything from the latest non-toxic pure-as-water cleaners, to big checks to plant forests in faraway lands, to feel-good tips for saving the planet.

As a proponent of all things sustainable here at UPS, I should be grateful for the rising chorus of environmental advocates. But I’m not. I resent them – every single one.

The reason is that some people sincerely do live a green lifestyle; some companies take environmental stewardship seriously enough to make it part of their operations every single day, not just on April 22.

Yet dozens of market-savvy companies will grab the headlines this month and get labeled as a green company – stories that will last on the internet forever.

So here’s my Earth Day Challenge to all of you. Take a visit to those companies’ websites in July or August or December. Check it out: Are their environmental efforts really embedded in their products and operations? Do they transparently report on their environmental impact? Do they have a sustainability report that comes out EVERY year, not just every once in a while?

And once you are convinced that they are sincere about sustainability, buy their products. Reward them for their commitment to the environment. Every Day. Not Just Earth Day.

Show them you care.

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  1. hey UPS – nice post! that PDF is a great overview. we posted about it on our site today as we do an day of earth day related posts (we switched to UPS last year for our overnight, 3,2 day and ground options) –

  2. Thanks for making UPS your green shipping choice. Choosing your suppliers based on values is a cool (green) thing to do! Your site is really thoughtful. We appreciate your attention to really understanding sustainability.

  3. Came across this post more or less by accident. Lovely! It’s refreshing to see a large company speak honestly about environmental sustainability.

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