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Tips to Ship Your Mother’s Day Gifts

The UPS Store Pack and Ship PromiseUPS and Mother’s Day have a lot of connections. On August 28, 1907, UPS was born when Seattle teenager Jim Casey opened a messenger service, in no small part to support his mother. Just a few months later, on May 10, 1908, Anna Jarvis of Philadelphia began Mother’s Day as a way of reflection and an opportunity to spend time with one’s mother. Over a century later, Mother’s Day has become the third most popular holiday.

In days past, spending time with mom was an easier thing to do. Many people remained in the community where they were born and multi-generational families sometimes lived in one home, just like the Waltons. 

But times have changed. Families have become far flung, too. It is common for an adult child to live in a city other than his or her mother, but that doesn’t stop us from honoring our mothers. 

How do you honor your mother? You might say with a card or flowers or a small gift. As Mother’s Day approaches and you reflect on those treasured moments with your mother, remember UPS is here to help you deliver that special gift or remembrance if you can’t actually see your mom on May 9.

The UPS Store® backs its services with the Pack & Ship Promise. They will reimburse customers the cost of packaging materials and service as well as shipping costs in the event a center-packed item shipped via UPS is lost or damaged (subject to the lesser of actual value, replacement or repair cost). The UPS Store is here to help you get your mom’s gift to her intact, and with the help of UPS, on time. 

For those of you who are packing your own items, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Use a new, sturdy cardboard box – the standard gift box won’t do
  • Make sure to use plenty of filler like foam packaging peanuts or bubble cushioning to protect your gift 
  • Bring it to a UPS customer counter or to The UPS Store
  • Include a copy of the UPS shipping label inside the box

Time is getting short and most domestic U.S. shipments will take up to three days when shipped through the UPS ground network. Check UPS.com or with your neighborhood The UPS Store to make certain your present will arrive on time. If time is short or for you procrastinators, consider UPS Next Day Air® to guarantee your delivery will get there on time. 

So now that you are armed with shipping information, I hope you will take the time to reflect and spend some quality time with your loved ones this holiday weekend.

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