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In Asia, Helping Businesses Connect Across the Globe

ShenzhenIf you’ve followed news about UPS during the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard several announcements about our expansion in Asia.

From our alliance with Alibaba, the world’s largest e-commerce provider for small businesses to a new joint venture company that offers wider access to shipping services across Vietnam. And yesterday, when we officially opened our new hub at the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in China, Asia is a top priority for UPS.

At the new UPS facility in Shenzhen, on-site customs ensures expedited customs clearance to minimize shipment delays. The hub’s strategic location right at the heart of China’s manufacturing centre at the Pearl River Delta area means greater connectivity to South China with the rest of the world through UPS’s global air network.

With intra-Asia trade expected to grow at an annual rate of more than 12% in the next 10 years, it’s clear that UPS’s latest addition is one positioned for the future. Rising consumption in China is driving companies to strengthen their supply chain links with China and the UPS Shenzhen hub brings a new level of efficiency to regional trade movement for businesses big and small.

And speaking of small businesses, UPS’s latest alliance with Aliexpress.com takes B to B e-commerce to a whole new level for Chinese suppliers. For small businesses which often find it hard to meet minimum required order quantity, Aliexpress is the ideal online marketplace. Aliexpress provides more flexibility with the purchase of small orders of goods to make sure the items meet buyers expectations before committing to a large order.

UPS integrated shipping tools on the Aliexpress site means suppliers in China have the convenience of managing their shipping and tracking processes online including printing of shipping labels and request for pick-up for UPS packages. Buyers in the U.S. and elsewhere enjoy the convenience of tracking orders online to monitor their shipments.

Our relationship with Alibaba even extends to disaster relief assistance. Through Alibaba’s AliCare’s initiative, UPS will provide logistics and shipping services for disaster relief supplies pre-packed by Alibaba. The goal is to quickly deliver supplies to aid agencies at disaster sites.

Just south of China is another rapidly emerging market for global trade – Vietnam. The country is a growing sourcing location for fashion, apparel and textiles and has the U.S. as its second largest trading partner (after China). UPS’s new joint-venture with P&T Express offers businesses in Vietnam greater access to UPS’s global network as well as later pickup and cut off times in more provinces in Vietnam.

Our investments in Asia help businesses within the region and outside Asia connect to business partners and new opportunities.

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