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Putting Importers in the Driver’s Seat

Here’s the scenario. You’re an online retailer sourcing your merchandise from Asia. You need to import the merchandise and have the goods sent directly to your end customer. Of course, you want the shipment to arrive on time with the commercial invoice removed to maintain the confidentiality of the value of the merchandise. And you wish to be notified of any exceptions along the way.

Sound simple? Ask an importer and you’ll probably hear a horror story about the shipment that got stuck in customs or the commercial invoice that found its way to the end customer who promptly calculated the importer’s profit margin. Why these challenges? Because the exporter had all the control over the shipment.

In July, UPS is rolling out technology enhancements to its CampusShip® and Internet Shipping systems that put the importer in the driver’s seat. UPS Import Control(SM) is a new functionality that enables importers to initiate UPS shipments from another country and have the shipment delivered directly to them or to an alternate location.

Here’s how it works. The importer uses either CampusShip or Internet Shipping to process the shipment. The importer completes the commercial invoice so there is assurance of compliance with international trade regulations, fewer shipment delays and less risk of excess brokerage fees, duties and taxes. The importer controls shipping costs by specifying service levels and package quantities without releasing the UPS account number to the exporter.

The importer can specify the pickup date and dispatch a UPS driver, eliminating any doubt over when the merchandise will be shipped. This also enables the importer to plan around the scheduled delivery date to better coordinate inbound receivables. And don’t forget that commercial invoice. The importer can choose to have it removed if the shipment is going to a third party. No more profit margin calculations!

Complete visibility from pickup to final delivery – including any exception information – is available in Quantum View® Manage. Using the web-based tool importers can automatically have email notifications sent to their end customers when the import labels are created, when the shipment is in-transit, delayed or delivered.

In a nutshell, UPS Import Control is the most comprehensive solution available for importers.

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