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Ever Wonder What it Takes to Wear Those Brown Shorts?

Maybe more than you think. Today’s UPS driver must focus on more than just the physical tasks of delivering your package. As the company’s most visible representatives, they’re also expected to have a broad knowledge base of our products and services and know how to interact well with our customers.

That’s why we have UPS Integrad, an innovative driver training program that helps new drivers make sense of it all. The state-of-the-art program was developed as a result of almost two years of research that UPS did with some of the best minds at MIT and Virginia Tech. It incorporates technology in the form of virtual reality and simulations with classroom-based training, allowing trainees to “learn by doing.” 

UPS Integrad slip-and-fall simulatorA typical day in the program might include walking across a treated surface that simulates ice or grease; using a touch-screen to identify potential hazards encountered while driving a typical route, or maybe even driving the truck (we call it a package car) in the parking-lot-turned-fake town of “Clarksville,” complete with little houses, street signs, a loading dock and sheds that simulate delivery stops.

The program, which launched as a pilot in 2007 in Landover, Md., has proven successful in training and retaining good drivers – so much so that UPS has expanded the program to open a second training facility in the Chicago area. This facility replicates the first one and serves as a central location where driver candidates can come to receive consistent training. 

Want to become a driver now? Let me warn you, it may take a while. Most UPS drivers begin their career as part-timers, starting out by loading, unloading and sorting packages, then they work their way up through the ranks. I guess we all have to start somewhere.

You can view the current open positions at upsjobs.com. We also share news about job opening on Twitter and at Facebook.

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    Comments [2]

  1. Keisha, you make a very good point – very rarely do
    our service providers walk into their driving jobs “off
    the street.” Why? Because we expect them to be
    UPSers first. We want them to learn our business from
    the bottom up. And to understand the culture of
    excellence and the tradition of service that have been
    the foundations of UPS for over 100 years.

    When an individual earns a right to wear his or her
    Browns (shorts or otherwise,) it’s because of a
    commitment to safety, to service, to our customers,
    and to our company.

    So, the next time your eyes stray down to those legs
    in shorts, remember: it’s that golden shield on his or
    her chest that tells you this truly is the best of the best
    in the package delivery industry.

  2. Is it true that you cannot work for UPS if you have a
    relative working in any part of it’s operations?

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