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Updates on ups.com Can Help Simplify a Busy Day

What's New at UPS.comBeing a mom of three young kids, I always have a “To Do” list that’s a million miles long. I went to a workshop recently that encouraged making a “Not To Do” list to help reduce stress and create more time in the day. 

In that spirit, here’s a list of things not to do, thanks to the latest updates on ups.com. 

1. Don’t go through extra hassle when returning things online

I’ve always been hesitant about buying clothes online – mainly because I’m afraid that I won’t like how the item looks, it won’t fit right, or it’s just not what I had imagined. And I don’t really have the time to bother with returning something that I don’t like or want. 

The whole returns process is getting easier now, with UPS Returns Flexible Access. If a retailer I shop with has this new service, I can simply print a label from my computer, put the package right in my mailbox, and be done. Or, if it’s more convenient, I can have my UPS driver come get it, or take it to a UPS Drop Box, The UPS Store, or even any U.S. Post Office.

2. Don’t feel bad about what you’re doing to the environment

I have enough to feel bad about in the green arena – I have twins in diapers, and I drive a gas-guzzling minivan. We did recycle all of those baby food jars, though.

At UPS, we’ve gone international with our carbon neutral option. When you ship from the U.S. or 35 other countries, you can opt to pay a small fee (as little as five cents) to offset the climate impact of your shipment. And you can feel even better knowing that UPS is matching offsets purchased in 2010 up to $1 million. 

International customers can now also enroll in Paperless Invoice, saving trees and getting items through customs quicker.   

3. Don’t wait until you get home to find out where your shipment is

With all of our UPS Mobile Apps, tracking your shipment is right at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Especially handy if you need to redirect your package to a different address or put it on hold when you’re not going to be at home. Or, in my case, when I ordered my husband a present for Father’s Day that I wanted to be a surprise. That is, until he got home and my three-year-old said, “We got a surprise for you, Daddy.  It’s a bench!”

Check out the Mobile App for Android, BlackBerry, or the iPhone.

If you’re interested in what else is new on ups.com, visit ups.com/whatsnew

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