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Here Comes UPS Freight

Kewill, a company providing integrated shipping options, has recently added UPS Freight capabilities to its offering. As director of product management for Kewill’s shipping products, Peter Starvaski is responsible for defining the product road maps for Kewill’s Clippership and Flagship products.

Tell me about Kewill and specifically the Kewill UPS Solution Kit.

Kewill has been supporting supply chains through innovative software for more than 30 years. While we provide a range of solutions for ensuring the efficient movement of goods, our multi-carrier shipping software, primarily our Clippership and Flagship products, move more parcels than any other 3rd party solution provider. 

The UPS Solution Kit provides support for domestic services Ground, Next Day, Two Day, Three Day, Hundred Weight, UPS Basic, Hazardous material support, etc., and International Services. A customer would be hard pressed to find a parcel service we didn’t support.

What are the customer benefits to the new freight offering?

Traditionally, freight and parcel have been separate functions for most shipping departments. Indeed they may even be separate departments operating at different ends of the warehouse or even in different warehouse.  

And visibility for one or the other often wasn’t integrated – basically the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing. Savvy customers, however, realize that having visibility into both operations on a single platform can provide benefits across their internal operations, including more efficient planning, better communications and the ability to better select the appropriate transportation mode.

Sample of Kewill’s Clipper Ship Bill of Lading:

More information can be found at kewill.com.

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