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Beyond Katrina: Saluting The Spirit of UPS People

In early October of 2005, I went to New Orleans, just five weeks after Hurricane Katrina, to document the stories of the UPSers who were working so hard to get their lives and UPS’s business up and running again. I witnessed many images that will stick with me….the mountainous piles of debris on every corner….the black hearses parked in a grassy median (apparently in an attempt to avoid the flooding), all lined up and pointing directly to the Superdome and its partially destroyed roof. And the images of UPSers faces … people hurting, struggling, but fighting to regain their lives. In the six days I spent in New Orleans, I learned a great deal about our company and our people. I hope the video that resulted from my trip, Beyond Katrina: Saluting The Spirit of UPS People, adequately captured the heart and soul of what makes UPS people great.

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  1. Great video Russ. UPSers hepling out even when they
    needed help themselves. I think that’s the spirit of Jim
    Casey’s vision. Our customers, and in this case those
    maybe more needy then us, come first. I think your video
    won an award too? Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  2. Great Video Russ. Really liked the rolling shot of the Ups
    Truck. Love to connect with you next time I’m in Atlanta.

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