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UPS in the Game

UPS is now the official package delivery and logistics sponsor of the Southeastern Conference and SEC events. I had a chance to talk with Doug Gibeaut, director of sponsorships and events at UPS.

Q. Why is UPS making this sponsorship investment now?

A. With a total base of more than 172 million fans, 29 million of whom earn more than $100,000 a year, the college market’s fan base also provides access to a large audience of business decision-makers.

This gives us the ability to showcase our solutions and services, and at the same time, build key relationships by hosting customers and employees at hospitality events staged around these important SEC championships.

Q. What are the details of the sponsorship?

A. UPS has official corporate sponsor status with conference logos, marketing rights, SEC television and web presence, event signage and merchandise. Also, the company will have a presence at the Dr. Pepper SEC FanFare during the Conference’s annual football championship weekend and men’s basketball tournament. These two events, held in conjunction with the respective SEC Championships, draw more than 60,000 fans each year.

Q. How will UPS leverage the sponsorship with b2b customers?

A. Hosting customers at marquis events such as the SEC Football Championship is one way to build relationships and our business. In addition, we will seek introductions to other sponsors, suppliers and those connected with the conference to help introduce UPS and compete for business.

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