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UPS’s New Ad Campaign Explains Why Everyone Should Love Logistics

UPS’s new ad campaign explains why everyone should love logistics as much as we do.

UPS has always been a company in motion, literally and figuratively. We began as a small messenger service in 1907 and we’ve been in a constant and deliberate state of evolution ever since. Why? Because our customers today have different needs and are facing different challenges than they were two years ago – or 10 years ago – or 100 years ago.

And that’s why today, UPS can do far more for our customers than ever before. Especially over the last decade, we’ve added a lot of capabilities that many people would never associate with UPS, such as repairing laptops for a computer manufacturer, filling prescriptions for medical devices, and providing online printing services.

We refer to our extensive portfolio of solutions collectively as “logistics”, which is also the foundation of UPS’s new global advertising campaign that launched this month.

Recently I sat down with Betsy Wilson, director of advertising at UPS, to learn more about the new campaign and why its message is something that every business should hear.

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  1. Congratulations on the advertising. Global campaigns
    are complex — so keep ’em simple.

  2. As a new member of the Business Development team in
    the Northwest of Mexico (Tijuana-Ensenada) I have love
    Logistics for over a decade, It’s very exciting to me to
    have join a Group of experts in logistics and share our
    passion, our knowledge and expertise because

  3. Love the new campaign!

  4. Thanks for your new “logistics” commercial. It is
    refreshing to have something that is positive, happy and
    the graphics are wonderful too. Keep up the good
    work, and we don’t mute your commercial!

  5. Great campaign! Can you share who sings the jingle?
    She has quite a pleasant quality.

  6. Can you reveal the singer and or composer of the
    song/music in the new ad?

  7. Lincoln,
    The jingle is to the tune of “That’s Amore”, written by
    Harry Warren in 1952 and was a hit for singer Dean

  8. who sings Logistic ad? I want to buy her cd!

  9. Who is the artist that sings the logistics song?

  10. At 23 seconds into your That’s Logistics commercial you
    show a 4-wheel delivery buggy – what is that vehicle?

    • Ed,
      The vehicle is a Ducati “DUCk”. We use them in Milan,
      Torino and some other cities in Italy to help us navigate
      through streets and alleys that are too narrow for our
      standard delivery vehicles.

  11. Thanks for the name (Nadia Ackerman). I was willing to
    bet that it was Nellie McKay but now I know.

  12. Just had an inspiration for a new ad for UPS:

    “We think inside the box”.

    Was at UPS Store and the thought of it made me smile.
    What do you think?

  13. this jingle, based on “that’s amore” is so awful that I
    have often hurt myself hurtling across the room to find
    the remote and press mute.

    It’s so SO AWFUL…aren’t there are creative, mature
    people left in advertising?

    • Maybe you’re hearing it translated? Because it’s pretty
      clever. Or maybe you are just a purist snob who has no
      creative bone in your body and likes being a troll to bash
      people anonymously?

  14. This is a truly mesmerizing campaign. I didn’t know
    Nadia Ackerman before, however, the logistics songs are
    the best songs I heard from her. Having said that, the
    logistics songs are much better than the original is based
    on (That’s Amore from Dean Martin). The message UPS
    delivers is great too. In contrast, regarding the FedEx
    commercials, I can’t seem to get the message from the
    science student living with a family in China and being
    accused by their son that he is a business man.

  15. Brilliant! I frequently find myself flying across the
    room to find the remote control just to un-mute the TV so
    I can listen to this brilliant and creative campaign that
    is mature and on-the-spot. 🙂

    Seriously though, this campaign hits the business points
    in a very focused message. I even saw it in 2 other
    languages with a simple google search. I’m sure it works
    just as well for those native language speakers.

    And the link with “That’s Amore” is that you LOVE
    logistics. Got it. Spot on, UPS. Love Nadia’s vocals too.

  16. A brilliant, uplifting advertising campaign! Kudos to
    the geniuses who put this together…..they all deserve
    medals…..and big, hefty bonuses!

    I love the fact that the campaign is also being done in
    foreign languages using the same music…..talk about
    a global perspective! I think you should do a medley
    of those different language ads and show them all
    over the world in people’s home
    markets…..emphasizing the fact that we now live in a
    global marketplace and are indeed
    connected….thanks to UPS.

    This new campaign harkens me back to the classic
    Coca-Cola “I’d like to teach the world to sing”
    advertisements. The new UPS ads connote the
    same “feel good” sensation…..while highlighting your
    business and your brand.

    Again, brilliant…..and thanks for the introduction to the
    wonderful voice of Nadia Ackerman……now who is her
    Chinese-language counterpart?

    • Hi. We’re very happy you like the new campaign. The
      Chinese artist’s name is Wu La.

  17. What are the lyrics? It’s hard to hear.

  18. Ok nice commercial but burning it out…sick of it already.

  19. WHat MORON in marketing approved this latest ad
    campaign — It has to be among the most annoying
    presentations EVER. It has driven me to the other
    suppliers. Who runs this outfit anyway — is he/she on

  20. Love, love, love your commericals…………..and, of
    course, your service.

  21. LOVE the lil truck in this commerical…..anyone know what
    it is.I stopped every time I hear it –just too see the lil
    truck–I want one!!!

  22. Dear Mark

    Im working for Siemens Building Technologies in
    Switzerland and we discussed recently about a
    advertising campaign from UPS where 2 consultants
    present some binders with findings and the CEO
    asked them …. and who will implement it…. or
    something like that.

    Do you remember the campaign and if yes can you
    tell me where to find it?

    Thank you very much in advance and greetings from

    • You can find the Consultants commercial at youtube.com/watch?v=P7M7A34b6Rw

  23. I guess I’m in the minority. I found this site by Google
    searching “UPS awful logistics commercial”. I would
    rather hear nails scratching a chalk board.

  24. Haha! O&M!

  25. hi there… i really love the jingle… and i wonder can i
    download it? i just love to hear it…

  26. Great commercial, it is one that I can enjoy watching,
    home run UPS!
    I do not change the channel for this one, and that speaks
    for the great voice you used.

  27. Female singer sounds like some sixth grade hack that’s
    pounding on an out of tune Sunday school piano.

  28. The UPS logistics ad is revolting. It makes me physically ill.
    I change the channel or mute it. I really like my UPS driver
    but the ad makes the whole outfit ugly. Please stop it.

  29. The logistics ad may have a fine message, but I can’t
    stand to leave it on long enough to find out, The music is
    that bad.

  30. where did i can download this song ??

    • Glad you asked! You’ll find ring tones of the song available at our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ups.

  31. It took me several hearings to figure out that the young
    lady was singing about’logistics’. All I could hear
    was ‘that’s Poughkepsie’. If they do any updates on the
    commercial I hope she enunciates more clearly.

  32. Keep it up and on new year’s eve !

  33. The logistics theme is a good short simple message.
    Excellent ad choice.

    The music seems like a Pomplamoose knock off. They are
    wonderful and did the Hyundai commercial. I’m really glad
    Pomplamoose did not do this. Here’s to artist’s who retain
    total artistic control like Pomplamoose did on the Hyundai
    Since logistics is a smart choice for a campaign, I wonder
    what UPS would have got if they handed over total artistic
    control for it’s execution.

  34. It is the most awful singing and the most annoying
    commercial I have EVER heard. I hate it with a passion.
    I hit mute instantly when it comes on. I wrote to CNBC
    and told them I am boycotting their station until they stop
    playing it incessantly. I wrote to UPS and told them I am
    only using FDX until UPS stops this commercial.
    Whoever thought up the concept and whoever is
    responsible for airing this commercial should be strung
    up by their @#%%*!

  35. Agree w/ Scott, JT, KM. Are the rest of you losing your
    mind? I googled “commercials I hate” and this one
    appears often.

  36. Can’t agree more with KM. I can’t recall a more obnoxious
    song in the 50+ years I’ve been bombarded by commercials.

    That said, my other half works for FedEx, and we
    appreciate all the business that this commercial is
    sending his way.

  37. These ‘logistics’ ads are maddening! I won’t use UPS
    until they’re off the air.

  38. Is Wu La Chinese or Taiwanese? In the add that runs in
    Taiwan, she is absolutely breathtaking, much sweater
    than the American version I saw. But she sounds
    Taiwanese, not Chinese. Her accent is practically local.

    Nervertheless, whenever I watch news in Taipei and hear
    voice comes about, and that is very often on major
    networks, dozens of times a day, it lifts my heart ten feet

    Who is she really and is their a link to her work.

    Thanks and Kudos for a great and not pretentious add.

  39. I have to instantly mute the television at least several
    times a day as soon as UPS commercials come on. It
    is hard to believe that UPS is still running that “Amore”
    commercial. It is one of the worst commercials in
    television history. There are only a few commercials
    that feature voices that are as annoyingly horrendous
    as that god-awful “Amore” singer (e.g., the old hags in
    the Sea-Bond denture commercial or any commercials
    with that screamer Billy Mays are comparable in terms
    of the vileness of the voices.) Apparently, incredibly
    annoying commericals work in terms of sales because
    they keep running these terrrible commercials.

  40. The we love logistics campaign is the best ever. Pure
    genius, including the music. I downloaded it as my

  41. Wow, it definitely is amazing how one commercial can stir up so many passionate responses! Love it or hate it, it defintely gets people talking.

  42. The TV ads (amore?) are incredibly annoying. Pls get it. The ads are the worst on TV. I think the world of UPS, and we know the great work you do every day, but please come up with better ads. Pls fire this ad agency now. Logistics, fine, these ads, NO! Thank you, Dave

  43. I have CNBC on most of the day as I keep up with the markets. The UPS ads that use the “that’s amore” song are really getting under my skin. I angrily seek my the remote/mute button every time they come on… which seems like 50,000 times per day… Please, please take the ads off the air.

  44. Tout your new logistics campain all you want. You failed on my package delivery this week and I will make sure I never use your company again.

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