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For UPS and Tandem Sport, Small Business is just Good Business

At UPS, we love small businesses.They’re resourceful, flexible, innovative, and they give good customer service.To put it simply, small businesses are run by good people who care about what they do.These qualities are also at the core of our 103-year old business, so it makes sense to value them in our customers as well. After all, what’s not to love about a mother of four who’s turned a hobby into a bona fide successful business in the midst of its 21st year?

That hobby was volleyball and that mother was Anne Brown, the owner and operator of Tandem Sport, a premier sports medicine and equipment wholesaler based in Louisville, Ky.

The former high school English teacher loved volleyball, played it in high school and also coached. She saw a market for it, found two partners and created a business plan.

Today, Tandem has 15 employees and 55 sales reps who support more than 2,000 accounts across the country. As a wholesaler, Tandem sells to sports equipment dealers, shops and organizers of sports leagues. But an advocate of diversifying and avoiding “putting all your eggs in one basket”, Anne’s company also operates a shop of its own in Louisville called The Volleyball Connection, which runs volleyball leagues and manages Baxter Jack’s, a popular local sand volleyball complex.

Tandem is a long-time UPS customer and an enthusiastic user of Worldship, our pickup and tracking system that manages their shipping needs. “UPS’s IT folks came out and actually supplied the hardware and integrated our own order entry system with their Worldship,” Anne said. “That means we don’t have to rekey things like addresses because the two systems share information.”

“Anne particularly likes getting package exception notices through Quantum View e-mails,” said Janet Miller, Tandem’s UPS account executive. “That way, she knows exactly what’s going on with her packages.”

Anne recalled one instance where a particular piece of equipment, though light in weight, was bulky and required oversized packaging. As a result, it was incurring a dimensional weight charge. The solution? Janet worked with Anne until they found an appropriate packaging method that cut the shipping cost by nearly two-thirds, making it possible for Tandem to continue to sell the product.

Tandem has steadily grown over the years, increasing its shipping needs and according to Anne, UPS has made any transitions easy.  

For more information on how UPS can help your small business, visit UPS Business Solutions.

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