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What Does Logistics Mean to You?

When I hear the word “logistics,” my mind doesn’t necessarily paint a picture of complexity—rather it paints the picture of getting stuff done. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, logistics is “the handling of the details of an operation.” The term not only applies to large operations but also to an individual person, a small-business owner, a busy mom running a hectic household (you know the ones—three kids whose extracurricular activities seem to happen at the same time but all over town).

Like UPS, The UPS Store loves logistics. The UPS Store franchisees love providing a suite of products and services that help their customers accomplish a task, however complex or simple. We know that everyone, in his or her own way, has supply chains.

To me, logistics means the process of simplifying my life so I can focus on what’s important to me—family and friends. What does logistics mean to you?

See how The UPS Store handles the printing details for this business owner in “I Can.”

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  1. To me, Logistics means the my life. I’m student in a
    Logistics of graduate school, so I’m very proud it.
    so, Logistics is very important to me, and my life🙂

  2. “…logistics means the process of simplifying my life so
    I can focus on what’s important to me—family and friends.”

    Agreed. On that note, the “process of simplifying” should
    be malleable to adapt to new developments and remain
    efficient. One way to increase this adaptive response is
    to make the process open to input from outside source,
    let’s say your customers for instance.

    Stick with me here. Its a long walk, but a good destination.

    Recently, there was a package miss delivered to my home. I
    returned the package to a UPS store near my office and it
    arrived at my house again couple of days later.

    This scenario played out about 3 times until, one day, the
    person at the store counter was the proprietor who
    explained that she couldn’t take the package, even though
    her employees had taken it for redelivery multiple times.
    She explained I needed to call the 1-800 number.

    I called the 1-800 number and it was so automated it did
    not have the flexibility to efficiently handle the
    problem. After much navigation through the phone
    automation, where no option addressed miss delivered
    packages, I finally spoke to an agent who was very
    helpful, but had to transfer me because the problem did
    not fall into her realm of responsibility. The person I
    was transferred to was able to help me sort out UPS’s
    error and schedule a pick up for the orphaned delivery.

    Here is where the “simplification” comes in:

    1) Have a notification on the packages that instructs the
    reader to call the 1-800 number if they are not the
    intended recipient.

    2) Either have a selection in the phone automation for “I
    have a different problem” or for “Did you receive a
    package that was not for you?”

    3) Have a conduit for customer input that does not require
    him/her to serendipitously stumble upon your blog in order
    to make a suggestion.

    The package was delayed with me for 3 weeks. It doesn’t
    have to be that way in the future.

    P.S. Tom Hanks says I make a good point.

    – RMc

    • Hi RMc. Sorry for the frustration you recently
      encountered. I’m glad that The UPS Store franchisee was
      ultimately able to direct you to the right place. We
      certainly appreciate your suggestions and will direct them
      to the right folks within UPS. BTW, we’re glad you
      serendipitously stumbled upon our blog!

  3. since i’m a under graduate student,what type of logistics
    should i focus on.to be specific the most needed one.

  4. I can say that in my opinion logistics mean calculating and focusing on everything that we had done from raw material till the customer.(it’s include manufacturing, transporting, warehousing and ets)

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