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Logistics Goes Live in the Windy City

 Logistics live in Chicago

I know the first thing you probably think about when you hear the word “logistics” is a Broadway-worthy performance by thirty UPS-brown clad dancers in the streets of Chicago. No? Well, today UPS delivered just that by bringing a little fun to the Windy City and showing how much we ♥ Logistics. After a surprise entrance, the UPS dancers performed a number for the crowds at the Wrigley Building this morning, bringing to life our newly launched campaign: We ♥ Logistics. And, we couldn’t just let UPS be the center of attention. We canvassed the streets for brave Chicagoans to take the mic karaoke-style and sing to the tune of our new, catchy “That’s Logistics” song.  And folks didn’t disappoint. Ok, maybe a little incentive of some free gift items helped, but you can’t deny how much fun we had Chicago-style today. See the logistics in action on: www.facebook.com/ups.

So, I’m not sure you’ll be seeing us on tonight’s episode of Glee, but if they come calling, we’ll be ready! We have even more fun up our sleeves, so check back with us soon…

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  1. Why doesn’t UPS put THIS (Chicago) performance on as
    a commercial during Glee? THAT would get some

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