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Service First: UPS Global Volunteer Month

UPS has just kicked off its Global Volunteer Month. During the month of October, UPSers around the world, dedicate their time and energy to service in their communities. I recently had the opportunity to participate in my first Habitat for Humanity build. Ironically, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect yet excited to meet and work with other UPSers to make a dream come true for Beatrice Lester and her family.

Beatrice, originally from Kenya, has come a long way in the last 3 years. She has been overwhelmed with the outpouring of support she has received since moving to Atlanta.

“It has been one person after another who always came at the right time to offer resources,” said the mother of two (girls 5 & 3).

UPS and Habitat for Humanity broke ground on her home in August. On this particular day, UPSers from the Customer Service Center (CSC) and Corporate Public Relations teamed up to put siding on the home.

I must say getting started was the hardest part. Once Habitat crew leaders made sure our side was in alignment with others working on the back end of the home, we were able to get a rhythm going and progress efficiently. “That’s Logistics!”

I was even more amazed at the wealth of knowledge some UPSers possessed about building because I had no clue. Though I’m a fast learner, I was glad this was a team effort. I’ve never built anything on as grand a scale of a house before.

Beatrice states, “It’s only September and I can’t believe how far along my home is to completion. I’m looking forward to the dedication ceremony in December.”

Beatrice recently received a job with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. “Everything seems to all be coming together at once and I’m so grateful to UPS and Habitat for Humanity.”

Personally, I have enjoyed this rewarding experience and will share it with my children because it gave me the opportunity to “pay it forward” which UPS encourages.

Now I can say I’ve done that for Beatrice Lester (in some little way). What a wonderful feeling.

I now see what brings so many UPSers, united as one, out to support Habitat for Humanity, the United Way and many other organizations year after year. I eagerly look forward to getting involved in many more opportunities.

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