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Asia SMEs See Importance of Logistics to Their Success

Supply Chain ChartOne of the key findings of the UPS Asia Business Monitor 2010 is that small and medium enterprises (SME) in Asia Pacific recognize the importance of supply chain management to their overall business success.

When 1,350 SMEs decision makers were asked how they view supply chain management, only 5 percent said they do not believe supply chain management has a role in their business success.

Out of the other 95 percent, 27 percent of them see supply chain management as a tool to help them reduce their costs. Another 19 percent recognize that supply chain management gives them quality assurance.

Asia SMEs recognize that they cannot do everything themselves and are learning the need to outsource. One key area is in logistics, which can be very complex and costly for SMEs to manage on their own. It is more cost effective to outsource to logistics leaders like UPS.

At UPS, we believe that the power of logistics is accessible to even the smallest of companies. When they outsource to the experts, SMEs can focus on growing their businesses and expand to new markets around the world.

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