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An Invitation from UPS: Join the Conversation at Compass Online

It’s no surprise the emergence of the company blog has been a breath of fresh air. And not just for customers, but also for UPS staff, who have jumped on the opportunity to communicate with customers in a less formal setting.

The recent relaunch of another UPS website, Compass Online, which offers UPS product news and business insights, aimed particularly at ambitious small- and mid-sized customers, now goes a step further. Compass has now put its highly valued visitors in the driver’s seat and invites them to drive the truck.

Go on: Tell us what you think

For example, readers can rate and rank stories so the Compass team can create more relevant, helpful articles in future. Readers can also register to leave comments and share their thoughts, both positive and negative, about our stories (or really, about anything else UPS-related). The commenting feature lets customers have conversations with each other, and UPS subject matter experts are ready to dive in at a moment’s notice to clarify misunderstandings or make helpful suggestions and recommendations.

Plus, customers can keep up with the dialog by choosing to “follow” conversations of interest, so they can receive an e-mail whenever a new comment is made – either by an expert, or by anyone.

Test our Expert

Readers can also Ask the Expert, a handsome gentleman who provides personalized advice to readers on UPS products and services, and other things, too – from how to ship chocolate milk in summertime to how to learn whether a UPS driver saw suspicious activity in your neighborhood. In truth, the real “expert” isn’t half as handsome as the guy in the photograph that adorns his web page, but he sure can help you find out what you need to know about UPS!

And, of course, the site wouldn’t be complete without a Twitter feed (@UPSCompass), RSS-following capability and a blog.

Lighten up at the blog

The blog provides breaking news, product news and business insights that customers can put to good use. We admit, however, our sense of humor has already gotten the best of us. A recent post includes a tale of how a UPS driver once set out for his morning deliveries in another company’s truck, and how a rookie customer service representative inadvertently asked a customer an eyebrow-raising question.

So if you have something to say, or simply want to ensure that you stay on top of the latest product news so that you can simplify and enhance your supply chain and keep your operation ahead of your competition’s, visit  Compass. Stay a while, look around and let us know what you’d like to see on the website that would help your business. After all, it’s your site, not ours.

It’s the New Logistics, for sure. But sometimes, it’s also pretty good fun. See you there.

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