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High-Tech Companies Need High-Impact Logistics

More competition in more places. Pressures to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Fluctuating customer demand. The high-tech industry is changing – and so is the world of logistics.

UPS calls it “change in the chain” and using logistics to adapt to change can give businesses a competitive edge. To outline some of the high-impact logistics that are needed to survive AND thrive in a changing world, UPS is authoring the “Change in the Chain” blog on a new online community for global supply chain professionals in the high-tech industry hosted by EBN at ebnonline.com. Check it out.

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  1. Donna; We took the cutest photo of our UPS man today
    and I’d love to send it to you. He is SURROUNDED by
    wagging tails! We all love him – he’s a good sport!
    Kristin Loewenthal

  2. Love to see it! Our drivers are the best!

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