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For UPS, Diversity is Good Business

As a company with operations that touch nearly every country and territory in the world, diversity is part of our identity. Our employees and our customers hail from just about every walk of life.

So it makes sense that we would support diversity in our communities as well. UPS recently joined forces with the Greater Louisville Hispanic Latino Business Council (HLBC) and Greater Louisville International Professionals group to host a networking event for women- and minority-owned businesses in Louisville, Ky. The city is home to our airline and our 5.2 million square-foot international hub Worldport.

According to Adam Ruiz, “UPS has a strong history of diversity within the organization, but thanks to the relationship with the HLBC, UPS started to emphasize the rapidly growing Hispanic community as part of its diversity goals,” the HLBC’s immediate past president said.

The event, held in UPS’s aircraft hangar, brought in about 300 from the local business and civic communities and featured keynote speaker Griselda Hernandez. The 18-year UPS veteran heads UPS operations in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. She spoke about her career and specifically about her time in Mexico, her native country. Griselda also spoke of her views on diversity.  “I am strongly convinced that diversity and support for women’s development in any organization are fundamental to success,” she said.

The occasion also provided UPS with the opportunity to share information on our initiatives geared toward diversity and improving communities. Representatives from our supplier diversity program, our education assistance programs and our Center for Employment Opportunities were on-hand to answer questions.

Plenty of networking time was built into the event, as well as catering from some of the city’s finest international restaurants – both helped create an informal atmosphere where folks could circulate and connect with each other.

UPS Vice President of Air Group Operations Mitch Nichols also spoke to the crowd, summing up the company’s view perfectly, “At UPS, we appreciate diversity …we value it in our people, our customers and our business partners. Diversity is just good business.”

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  1. Mitch said it all, “Diversity is just good business.” I am
    proud that UPS not only encourages diversity, it
    embraces it. As our global marketplace matures, and
    we grow along with it, welcoming new cultures and new
    ideas is our open door to the future.

    And, I might add, as the proud father of two young
    ladies, I welcome an exciting new business
    environment in which the future is as limitless as their

    I think I read that last part somewhere.

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