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UPS carbon neutral: How is the Offset Money Used?

UPS carbon neutral shipmentNow available in 36 countries, customers love UPS carbon neutral. But the question I get asked most is probably, “Where do the offset fees you collect go?” Well, over the past year we’ve purchased carbon offsets in three different projects around the world.

The Garcia River Forest project, located in California, uses conservation-based forest management to absorb and store carbon emissions while restoring wildlife habitat and protecting water quality.

Fujian Landfill Gas, located in Southern China, captures methane at a landfill site and uses it to generate clean electricity.

Cholburi Wastewater Treatment uses biogas from wastewater to generate heat and power at a tapioca starch drying factory in Cholburi, Thailand.

We also have two pending purchases which should be complete by the end of November.

GACL Grid Connected Wind is a renewable energy project that will generate electrical power using wind energy, through the operation of wind turbines in Gujarat state of India.

La Pradera Landfill Gas is located in Colombia. This project enables efficient landfill gass management to prevent methane from being released into the atmosphere. Additionally, this project promotes research and provides training facilities for students of the University of Antioquia.

It is our goal to purchase high-quality offsets. We consider a few things prior to making an offset purchase such as the project type, the standard type, the vintage and the registration.

The types of projects we aim to purchase include reforestation, methane gas destruction, and landfill gas destruction.

Offsets are issued according to a standard. Standards have been created by different organizations, in the absence of one national or international standard. The standards we target include Gold Standard, Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), and Climate Action Reserve (CAR) certified offsets, in addition to European Union Allowances and Certified Emission Reduction offsets.

The vintage refers to the year the carbon offset takes place. Our goal is to match the vintage of a purchased carbon offset within a reasonable time period relative to when the emission occurred. We look to purchase offsets with a vintage of one year of when the emissions occurred.

Lastly, we check to make sure an offset has been posted to a registry. A registry will keep track of an offset to ensure that it was not previously retired, so ultimately a registry can prevent double-counting of an offset.

There are many sustainability efforts going on every day at UPS. UPS carbon neutral is just an additional way we and our customers can help the environment.  As we make additional offset purchases we’ll continue to provide updates on new projects added to the portfolio.

Another great thing about the carbon neutral shipping option is that UPS will match the number of carbon offsets purchased in this program through 2011, up to US$1 million, doubling the positive impact.

We’d like to know … what are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint?

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  1. UPS has been duped by the hoax of man made global
    warming and bought into the greatest con game ever
    committed in history.
    Wake up and get the facts, forget the emotions, i.e;
    Climategate. The trumped up hysteria is a back door
    method for the Progressives/Liberals/Statists, whatever
    you want to call them to try to control our lives.

    Once again, Jim Casey is probably spinning in his grave.

    • Yes, climate change is controversial for some people but
      we were driven to create this product at the request of
      our customers.

    • Lynette, if you ask them nicely will those same customers
      drive you back?

  2. The money goes to Al Gores checking account so he can
    pay for his massive mansions and Carbon footprint
    scamming business.

  3. Obviously UPS has gone for the Politically-Correct
    factually-challenged global-warming farce (since re-
    named “Climate-Change” when global-warming proved
    to be false) which was politically motivated to bring
    society under greater government control and
    redistribute more of the world’s production
    to “economically-challenged” nations by the UN.

    You people should look beyond the head-lines of the
    mainstream media and Algore-movies. Anthropogenic
    climate-change is a fallacy and it really doesn’t take a
    great deal of research to find that out. That’s
    the “inconvenient truth.”

    Individuals and companies who just “go along” with
    science being manipulated into politically-motivated
    pseudo-science instead of taking a stand against it
    become part of the problem themselves.

    I’ll “do my part” by saving my “carbon-neutral” UPS
    surcharge and just pay an illegal-immigrant $4 an hour
    to cut my lawn with a pair of scissors.

    • As always, we welcome varying views. The good news is
      that being environmentally smart saves us money and
      fuel. So its a win win, regardless of your specific views of
      Global Warming and Climate Change.

    • Since on a per mile basis it costs more money and
      uses more fuel to build, buy and recharge an electric
      vehicle (considering the fuel used to provide
      electricity, most often coal, the toxic heavy metals in
      battery construction (and disposal), the fuel used in
      construction itself, how is this “smart?” Another
      example might be the use of ethanol, which takes
      more fuel to harvest and process than the ethanol
      itself will yield. “Wind farms” are another. The
      technology does not yet exist to use them in a manner
      that actually saves fossil-fuels, again considering their
      construction, installation and maintenance costs and
      their inefficiency, not to mention their noise, ugliness
      and environmental damage to wildlife. (Have you ever
      visited one… with your hands over your ears, walking
      ankle-deep through dead birds, in an ugly clear-cut
      swath through a once-pristine rolling forest, now
      devoid of wildlife that has been driven off by the

      These are all just feel-good, pat-yourself-on-the-back,
      oh-so-correct “solutions” for those whose research
      into the subject goes no deeper than having watched
      Al Gore’s “factually-challenged” movie, or read the
      approved memorandums handed out to the
      mainstream media.

      Above you said “Yes, climate change is controversial
      for some people but we were driven to create this
      product at the request of our customers.”

      Yes, I’m sure you were completely overwhelmed by
      those requests.

      There’s a difference between “being environmentally
      smart” and blindly marching to the drum-beat of an
      agenda that has little if anything at all to do with
      environmental factors effecting our earth.

  4. The article said “…Now available in 36 countries,
    customers love UPS carbon neutral…”

    Customers love it? Just which two customers might
    that be?

    To Bill and Lan… Isn’t it truly amazing just what our
    post-Carter public school systems turn out nowadays!
    Little or no ability to think independently, their
    principles and philosophies defined by bumper-

  5. Another company surrenders to the cool-aid drinkers.
    Why isn’t efficiency a company goal without drinking
    the climate change cool-aid?

    I’m just an plain ‘ol country boy with a mechanical
    engineering degree so I try to break things down into
    simple problems and solutions.
    1_ Life exists much better in warmer temperatures. In
    NC it might be 90F or 10F. Life is much greener at
    90F. Molecule activity slows down as the temp
    decreases. Schools may not teach that anymore.
    2_ If CO2 is so bad, why was the earth created with
    plants using CO2 that is generated by humans, and
    humans using O2 generated by plants?
    3_ If CO2 is so bad, why do we pay mowing crews and
    tree trimming crews to beat back all the vegetation
    thriving DIRECTLY ADJACENT to the mother-load of
    CO2 creators, automobiles?
    4_ If this “Climate Change” business wasn’t all about
    money, AL Gore and Nancy Pelosi would be living in
    the side of a hill and riding bicycles instead of creating
    their own personal “carbon footprint” which is the size
    of a small town.
    5_ Al Gore’s credentials for global climate change was
    one class in college. I’ve watched people fly planes,
    and my dad had a license. UPS, can I fly one of yours?

    I guess I was raised with too much common sense to
    ignore so much data that surrounds me instead of
    falling for all the climate change crap. It’s a huge
    industry for people that don’t have a clue about
    anything except how to manipulate people’s emotions
    and get paid very well doing it.


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