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How Does NASCAR Keep Things Moving During Race Week? UPS Trackside Services of Course!

UPS Trackside ServicesFor 10 years, UPS has been trolling the garages of each and every NASCAR race in support of being the exclusive shipping partner of the circuit. Everything from crankshafts to die-cast models has made its way through the onsite UPS network during a race week courtesy of UPS Trackside Services.

How does UPS Trackside Services do it? The operation sets up on Thursday of race week and operates a fully functioning shipping center onsite until the last team tractor-trailer leaves the track. A team of five local volunteer UPSers (affectionate name that we call ourselves here at Brown) man the center and are ready to assist NASCAR officials, race teams, sponsors and merchandise vendors with shipping and receiving. UPS golf carts zip around raceway grounds to ensure that packages make it to their race week destination.

UPS Trackside ServicesThe facility used to house this on-site activity arrives just like the race teams. A truck containing what is unbelievably similar to a UPS storefront comes to the track and opens up shop. Deliveries and pick-ups are made just as in your neighborhood. Fast and friendly men and women in brown help the flow of commerce at each race site. 

The next time you catch the Daytona 500 or any one of the other races held each year, take a minute to appreciate how race teams in a bind for a replacement part or for the NASCAR official waiting on a contract get their much needed package. UPS Trackside Services! If you happen to be in the pits or near the garages and see that UPS golf cart, say hello to the folks in brown who help to save the day by delivering that part and or contract.

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  1. Fast and friendly men and women in brown help the flow
    of commerce at each race site.

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