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Update with Facebook or Twitter… and Get a Job at UPS?

holiday delivery in VermontLike millions of others, I love being able to use my cell phone to call, text or update my friends and family with Facebook and other online sites. Mobile devices now allow us to bank online, play games and immediately upload that funny photo of my children’s faces covered with Halloween chocolate. Now you can also visit the mobile-device friendly www.upsjobs.com and look virtually for a job.  Just provide your information and schedule an interview for one of 50,000 temporary positions at UPS through New Years Eve.

Since UPS loves logistics, what exactly goes into hiring that many people to help deliver 430 million on-time packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas? According to UPS Human Resources (HR) manager Matt Lavery, the planning is “year-round including identifying hiring needs, package volume trends, interview training and refining advertising strategies.”

For example, HR & Industrial Engineering both look at hiring needs and then develop the appropriate plan. Also, providing experienced supervisors and managers with updated interview materials allows applicants to have a professional interview that they schedule with the information already provided online. UPS, like most successful companies, continues to evaluate itself with annual feedback from both current employees and holiday workers.

Arguably the most important question is how to communicate with potential future UPSers? The three-pronged approach of innovative advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, job boards and search engine keywords and in-person college visits provides pinpoint engagement based on specific local needs. Matt said that 95% of all hiring advertising now goes to these online and social media avenues, a complete reversal from only 5 years ago.

So does this approach work? Yes, it does. UPS has over 1 million page views per week on the job site with over 100,000 viewing the job videos, which shows you exactly the job you’re applying for. UPS also has holiday workers progressing into permanent positions and those who come back year after year. Most of our Management Committee, UPS’s senior leadership team, came from part-time jobs and took advantage of the promote-from-within culture here. We also have holiday workers who love the job and come back year after year to work.

Matt says that attitude and desire trumps experience in hiring. We’ll train you but you have to bring the motivation. Possible permanent positions depend on shipping volume, but if there’s a fit we can bring them back possibly in January, February or March to start.

Do you want to work for UPS, ranked by Forbes and Business Week as one of the most reputable companies and Top 50 places to launch a career? If so, just visit the job site or get employee opportunity updates by following us on UPSjobs on Facebook and Twitter.

Coming soon on the UPS Facebook page, look for more job videos and even a UPS game that will allow you to work your way up to senior management to run the company. I need to post my Christmas list and you can share this with friends looking for a good job.

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  2. I used to be a UPS driver in Atlanta, now I live in Austin, TX
    and want to drive again. There are seasonal driving
    positions available, but the website won’t let me apply since
    I’m a former employee. I left years ago on very good terms.
    How can I get rehired? Thx. jennifer

  3. I am UP and ready to go…. I have been a crew leader for
    the Cencus here in Humboldt country, I’ve had 2 paper
    routes , and delivered AT&T phone books for the last 2
    years. All here in Humboldt country , CA.

    • Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm to join the UPS team! I’ve shared your comment and your contact information with the HR group. In the meantime, you can learn about UPS job openings by following @UPSjobs on Twitter or visiting the UPS Careers site.

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