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Love and Logistics on the Run at the NYC Marathon

There’s no doubt about it … planning a wedding involves logistics. Ordering flowers, selecting a reception site, hiring a minister are just a few of the details couples consider. So when The UPS Store owner Mark Taylor and his wife Nina decided to marry while running in the New York City Marathon, they took wedding logistics to a new level.

Mark and Nina met at the New York City Marathon in 1999. One year later, the race offered the ideal occasion to exchange marriage vows. The couple took a short break during the race for their ceremony at the 17-mile mark. And just a few weeks ago, Mark and Nina did it again by renewing their vows at the same spot while running in the 2010 New York City Marathon. UPS also has a close association with the race. Some 350 UPSers and 71 delivery trucks organized and stored belongings for the marathon’s 43,000 runners during the race.

As a franchisee of three The UPS Store locations in Manhattan, Mark is well-versed in logistics. I spoke with Mark and Nina to learn more about the planning behind their ceremony.

This was a unique way to renew your wedding vows. What details were involved?

Along with getting flowers, hiring a photographer and a minister, we also needed to secure our race numbers and a location permit for the site where we held the ceremony. Our wedding planner, Erin Halley, was a big help. Plus there was the dress. Nina wore a one-of-a-kind bridal running dress designed by Oiselle. When Oiselle’s founder Sally Bergesen heard about our plans, she graciously loaned the dress for our ceremony. It was the first time anyone wore the dress at a running event. And the dress had only been featured in Runner’s World.

What was the biggest challenge?

Ensuring that everything happened on schedule was important. Our ceremony was planned to take place between noon and 12:30 p.m., so we needed to make sure we arrived at the 17-mile mark between those times. We had an unexpected surprise a few days before the marathon when we found that our race numbers placed us in separate wave starts with start times that were 30 minutes apart. Fortunately, the New York Road Runners Club helped out so that we could start the race at the same time.

How long did it take you to plan the event?

Amazingly, only two weeks!

Mark, as an owner of The UPS Store you’re accustomed to handling a variety of requests for your customers. How did that experience help?

Teamwork has been critical to our success as a small business. I have developed a real sense of partnership with my employees and they are very committed as a team to our business goals. This enables me to rely on their talents and strengths to serve our customers needs – whether those are shipping, packing, mailbox rental or copying/printing. Likewise, Nina and I have a great partnership and we contributed different skills to the planning process for our ceremony. We’re also grateful for the network of support we had to assist us with the event.

What was the best moment?

Having our two daughters, family, friends, and neighbors join us as we renewed our vows. The 17-mile mark on First Avenue is in our neighborhood and it’s only six blocks north from our The UPS Store location at First Avenue and 69th Street.

So, will we see you celebrating your vows again at the 2020 New York City Marathon?

Nina had planned to retire from marathons this year, but she’s signed up for the 2011 Boston Marathon. Hopefully, we’ll postpone Nina’s “retirement” until after the 2020 NYC race.

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Want to hear more about Mark and Nina’s renewal ceremony? Video from the event is available at Vimeo.

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