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Shopping Online? Consider the Convenience of Mailbox Services

The holiday shopping and shipping season is in full swing. According to preliminary reports, Cyber Monday 2010 broke records with online spending surpassing $1 billion. That’s a lot of packages being shipped from retailers to homes.

Life can be hectic this time of year … people are juggling work, home and family responsibilities. Plus there’s the holiday shopping and parties. As we’ve seen from random tweets on Twitter, waiting around for a package can be a challenge.


Looking for an easy, convenient option? Consider getting a mailbox at The UPS Store.

  • Your local The UPS Store location will accept packages from all carriers — that includes FedEx and the U.S. Postal Service.
  • The UPS Store staff will sign for your packages so you’ll never miss a delivery.
  • You can opt to receive text or e-mail notification when you have a package waiting, eliminating unnecessary trips.
  • If sending received items off to family and friends, handle your outbound shipping on the same errand.
  • Out of town? The UPS Store will hold your packages for you or forward them to you.
  • There’s over 4,300 The UPS Store locations.

How’s that for logistics?

Happy shopping … and happy shipping!

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