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Don’t Let the Cookies Crumble

I recently spoke with Heidi, owner and cookie creator of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies in Alpharetta, Ga., about packing and shipping tips. During the holiday season Heidi’s company ships more than 500 packages a day. Heidi says, “It is imperative for our reputation and our customers that the gift recipients receive our cookies at optimum freshness. Since we don’t add preservatives, we ensure that the cookies arrive at their destination within two days.” Check out what Heidi has to say about packing and shipping her “sinfully delectable” baked goods this holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Thanks for the great info and for making me hungry,
    Shannon! At my last job, we had a vendor that sent us
    Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies for our birthday and for
    Christmas-so yummy! I miss them :O(

    • There is still time to get cookies! Check out her website.

  2. Those were interesting packing tips – I wouldn’t have
    thought about the durability of the box and the grade of
    packing tape. Thanks for sharing. And those cookies
    really are heavenly!

    • Yes the cookies are DELISH! Who knew that good tape
      was so important.

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