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New UPS.com Features: Tracking Made Easy For Everyone

UPS trackingI’ve been working on ups.com for several years now and have witnessed the site grow to receive on average more than 22 million tracking requests every day, peaking to 40 million on our busiest day!

My job allows me to add new site features, update older site functions and occasionally redesign the entire site. However, many of those updates only apply to a certain segment of UPS customers. Once in a while, we do get to unveil something that everyone who visits ups.com can appreciate, as is the case today.

To help me keep track of incoming packages, I can now add a description to each package when I track. It’s rare for me to have more than one shipment on order at the same time, but the Amazon shipments have been arriving pretty steadily for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes I had no idea what was in the boxes that appeared on my desk. At a glance, I can see that “Books for Mom” will be here in time for her birthday, and I can save that one to the top of the list for easy access when I check tracking status later.

UPS also receives questions about the definition of UPS tracking statuses. For example, what does In Transit, Out for delivery and Exception mean? We’ve worked to better define tracking status messages enhanced with color coding. We have also added a progress bar for more at-a-glance information.

Please let us know what you think about these enhancements.

Believe me when I say this: we know that planning is crucial when you have a shipment on the way. “When will it get there? Who will accept it? Will I have to sign for it?” All valid questions and ones that we’re doing our best to answer with new, more prominent alerts to call out Adult Signature Required and C.O.D. We have also made it easier to redirect, reschedule or hold a delivery for pick up.

Oh, and one more thing—if you’re a squinty guy like I am, we’ve added a handy little font size selector up in the top right corner of the Tracking screen. Three size options let you find your ideal text size. Select away!

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    Comments [8]

  1. Hi there,

    at the first sight this new stuff is awesome:) really
    like ther outfit and the new look! Gonna get in detail
    when we do the next shipment! Ill be right back then!

    Thx and greets

    P.S.: Is there also a german weblog?!? I guess its just
    english hm? i dont mind just wanted to be sure!:)

  2. Only this English blog so far, Marc. Thanks for reading,
    though, and thanks for the kinds words about Tracking.

  3. I don’t know about enhancements, but the changes on the
    tracking screen are not one step back.
    they are TWO steps back.
    1. why do I now have to click through to another screen to find
    out the city to where this package was delivered?
    2. tracking by reference, it used to automatically put in a
    month range. Now I have to laboriously input both the from and
    to dates.
    That’s just the annoyances I’ve seen thus far, I expect to find
    some more soon enough.
    :thanks for nothing!

  4. We do appreciate the feedback, Elliot. I’ll pass your
    thoughts on to the rest of our team.

  5. now how about making QUANTUM VIEW easier to use…

  6. Thanks for this information. I’ll check out these
    features right away at my store. We are a UPS authorized
    reseller. If things work as easily as you suggest then it
    would seem that you did a great job.

    Pack and Post

  7. All the enhancements have been made but I can’t figure out an easy
    way to address an undelivered package (a new? driver couldn’t find our
    house). Postcards? Contact the sender? There should be an easier

  8. I would like a feature where if my package is to be delivered within 15-30 minutes I would get a text saying the ups guy is around the corner. I have a front gate I have constant unlock for him. I have missed a few deliveries and it is very frustrating.

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