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A New Year’s Resolution You Can Live By

With the advent of 2011 come the inevitable “New Year’s Resolutions,” verbal feel-good missions ending in nervous laughter and totally abandoned a week later. You laugh because you don’t want to cry. You’re not going to lose the weight and become a svelte Adonis, I’m not going to learn Mandarin Chinese and your neighbor isn’t going to show interest in his kid’s origami obsession.

Wouldn’t it be nice to commit to a resolution you can actually achieve? Everyone deserves a victory so I’m making you an offer: a New Year’s resolution you will accomplish that will make you a hero of the community and put money back in your wallet.  

Instead of shedding pounds, how about cutting down on the gasoline you use? It’s simple to achieve and it doesn’t require a Tesla electric sports car…but dang wouldn’t that be cool? 

Alternative Fuel VehicleTry these simple steps we use at UPS with our vehicles:

  • Plan your route to work on a map – You might not take the most efficient route. If you’re stuck in a lot of heavy traffic, you’re idling gas away. Plan a different route, with more right hand turns – they are more fuel efficient and safer to execute! Get to work a little earlier. You will avoid traffic, impress your boss and save lots of gas.
  • Organize a car poolSave your own gas and save others’ too! One car on the road with three people beats three vehicles burning gas. When your car poolers count their extra cash, they will share your empowerment! Maybe they’ll throw you a party. Maybe your co-worker drives a totally sweet Porsche 911 that he might let you drive one morning?
  • Don’t gun it off the line – Easy, Steve McQueen. No reason to punch the pedal when the light turns green. The derriere of the next car is a few feet ahead so you’ll be hitting the brakes harder, wearing them out faster, burning a ton of fuel on your jackrabbit launch and making a fool of yourself. Going 88 miles per hour won’t take you back in time. It will empty your wallet.
  •  Keep your tires properly inflated – Better gas mileage and extended tire life. You can get an inexpensive air compressor from auto parts stores for your home. Check your tire pressure regularly and inflate as needed.  Now you won’t stand in the rain at a gas station cursing the cosmos when their air machine is out of order…and it will be.

These efforts also help the environment. Your car’s carbon emissions will be reduced, you won’t be replacing tires or brakes as often and you’ll save the wear and tear of others’ vehicles also when you champion a car pooling schedule. One day we’ll have devices that allow us to fuel our cars on empty beer cans. It’s true! I saw it once in a movie on a DeLorean in the year 2015! But alas, it’s only 2011…

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