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Family Ties and the Chinese New Year

As an American given the opportunity to work in Hong Kong, celebrating the Chinese New Year is a huge eye opener. The excitement is in the air as I listen to conversations in the UPS Hong Kong office. For the Hong Kongers, it is a time to be home with the family. Most of my colleagues have their families in Hong Kong, but there are others whose families are in other parts of Asia and they will make the special trip back home.

As a foreigner who is far away from home, I can’t help but to think about my family. At least, I spent time with them when I visited them during the Christmas holidays.

I am grateful for my Hong Kong colleagues, who have made me feel part of the family and have invited me to visit them during the Chinese New Year festivities. Right now, my favorite thing to do is absorbing the local culture.

Most of the year, Hong Kong is bustling and filled with lights. But Chinese New Year brings even more activities and vibrancy through the decorations. Everything is red, orange or gold reflecting the colors of celebration and prosperity. You see the lovely tangerine trees on display and hear festive music playing in all the MTR stations. Shopping is also at a frenzied pace as Hong Kongers believe that they should start the new year with new clothes.

I guess I will be shopping for new clothes as well, something red. Typically, red packets (with money inside) are given to those who are not married. I wonder if I will get any this year as I visit my UPS colleagues who are married!

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  1. Kelly– you’re truly fortunate to be experiencing the New
    Year in Hong Kong! Hope you got lots of red packets
    and tried new foods. Would love to hear more about the



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