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Welcome to Shenzhen!

TShenzhen hubhe UPS Shenzhen Hub will be celebrating its first Chinese Lunar New Year this year and we are already seeing the increased level of activity as we approach our peak season. And just like the hub, I will also be celebrating my first Chinese Lunar New Year as a UPSer.

As part of the UPS Shenzhen Hub’s Welcome Center, I am responsible for welcoming visitors to the facility. Since its official opening on May 18, 2010, we have welcomed over 700 visitors – customers, government officials and students.

As a fresh graduate with an English major, I know nothing about logistics. Since the time I joined the team, I have been learning about UPS and our logistics business and today, I feel comfortable talking to visitors about what we do at the hub.

I lead on-site tours to showcase the hub’s operations, self-handling Ground Support equipment, the loading and unloading of packages to allow visitors to get a general idea of how the Shenzhen Hub operates. We usually give visitors a presentation before the hub tour begins. 

The UPS Shenzhen Hub is the central facility that supports our entire Asia-Pacific operations. It has the ability to process and sort 18,000 parcels and documents per hour. We have direct flights connecting to key Asia-Pacific cities.

Since most of our operations function mainly at night, our guests will visit us at night during the hub’s busiest period. Even though it is late at night, most visitors are excited and marvel at the hub’s capabilities as they watch how each parcel is sorted along the extensive network of conveyor belts and scanners.

To date, I have led 16 groups of visitors from China, Asia-Pacific, the Americas and Europe regions. Everyday as I step into the hub, I stand amazed at the level of planning that went into the design of this facility. I hope that as time goes by, I will learn and understand logistics even more.

We are very pleased when we hear that visitors are gaining useful information from their tours. From the smiles on their faces in the group photo we take after every hub tour, I can tell that visitors are happy to have acquired a better understanding of UPS and the Shenzhen Hub, too.

If you have a chance to visit us at the Shenzhen hub, I will be glad to take you around.

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  1. Hi Nicole,

    I’m from Malaysia. I would like to know the procedure of
    visiting UPS Shenzhen Hub. Please email me.. Thank you
    very much

    • Hi Juita,

      Really sorry for late reply. Let’s talk about the details on your visit
      to UPS Shenzhen Asia Pacific Hub via e-mail. My e-mail is

      Thanks a lot.

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