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Super Bowl Champion Turned Small-Business Owner

As the country plans parties and organizes tailgating for Sunday’s Super Bowl, the two teams that have made it to the big game are preparing mentally and physically to ensure they’re at the top of their game. I remember the excitement of playing in the Super Bowl and what an honor it was to win two Super Bowl Championships. It’s a great feeling when all of your hard work throughout the season pays off.

Since then, I’ve traded in my jersey for a new uniform—The UPS Store uniform. After a serious injury, I started thinking about life after football. I’ve been a The UPS Store franchisee for five years and credit my football career for preparing me to run my business. It takes the same amount of preparation, dedication, focus and teamwork to make sure my business is well run.

As a small-business owner, my biggest opportunity has been providing employment for some of our local youth. I’m across the street from my high school and I provide young kids an opportunity to do some things they’ve never done, by preparing them to work in a business setting in the future. In our center, they are exposed to many new variables each day that require quick problem solving as well as communication with customers.

There are a lot of football players in the league who have done what I’ve done—planned for what comes next. Some have even chosen the same route I did—they’ve become owners of a franchised business. To assist players, the league has a player development program that provides assistance in areas such as continuing education, career development and career transition. While we love the game, we know that it won’t last forever and we must think about the future and take what we have learned on the field off the field.

So, which ever team you are cheering on this Sunday, think about the preparation, dedication, focus and teamwork that got them to the big game and where it may take them down the road.

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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing this…I am always
    interested to hear what pro athletes do after their playing

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