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Valentine’s Day is all about the Love…and Logistics

So what’s so special about Valentine’s Day? Well, for one thing, it’s really the only holiday when it’s okay to give and receive the same gift as everyone else – flowers. With the big day just around the corner, a recent survey from the National Retail Federations reported that 34% of consumers in the United States plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving someone flowers.

It’s no wonder why this holiday ranks as #1 for consumer purchases of fresh-cut flowers, considering that UPS alone typically transports more than 28 million freshly cut flower stems between late January and Feb. 14 each year. That’s a lot of flowers. With such a heavy demand, it makes you think about just who it is that supplies this astronomical amount of flowers, and even more so about what happens after these flowers are cut, groomed and packaged.

Imported flowers dominate today’s market, accounting for more than 90 percent or more of all flowers sold in the US, and Latin America continues to lead the way as the top exporter within this wonderful industry. Today, UPS transports the majority of its flower shipments from culturally and geographically distinct countries Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. Even Canada is joining the mix as flower growers are increasingly tapping into the American market. 

But the tricky part is how flowers move from these countries to the U.S., all the while maintaining their pristine condition. So how is this possible? The logistics of transporting flowers is not an easy task as it requires expert coordination, planning, temperature controlled vehicles and know-how to ensure that the time-sensitive nature of flowers is preserved from the farm where it was grown and cut to the door of the lucky recipient.

UPS starts planning months in advance of Valentine’s Day, considering that flawless execution is needed to ensure the delicate freshness of the products coming into the U.S. Our workforce is increased to move cargo and deliveries faster, extra flights are added and upgrades to aircrafts are performed to increase the capacity of the cargo loads brought in to the country. UPS’s expertise in cold-chain logistics – that is, the transportation of temperature sensitive goods – kicks in and facilitates temperature-controlled shipping containers and vehicles as well as refrigerated facilities throughout the supply chain process, all of which is perfectly orchestrated to minimize delays that can alter the life and freshness of the flowers.

This Valentine’s Day, as we get our cards, flowers and gifts ready for our love ones, UPS will be working behind the scenes to ensure that flowers stay as fresh as the day they were cut.

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