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Calling Out “Good Stuff”

UPS feeder truckEvery year, UPS is proud to announce the new “class” of Circle of Honor inductees – drivers who have steered clear of accidents for 25 years. The company goes to great lengths to alert local journalists of each local driver’s incredible accomplishments.

This year, 48 separate press releases were sent to thousands of local reporters across the United States and abroad. We take pride in our safety training. And we take pride in honoring our people for their accomplishments.

Media outreach is one way we honor our people. That outreach includes a national press release, local releases by state, an audio news release for all U.S. radio stations along with video footage of our senior-most safe drivers Ron “Big Dog” Sowder and Ginny Odom, who have over 80 years of safe driving between them. We make that footage available for all TV stations to use in news broadcasts.

The blogosphere is another way we communicate the achievements of our drivers. Twitter, Facebook and the UPS blog, UPSide, all feature the unique accomplishments of our service providers.

This recognition has been honored by the American Trucking Association with their “Good Stuff” award. That award is given to organizations that help burnish the reputation of the trucking industry. The UPS Circle of Honor is all about “Good Stuff.” And we love sharing the accomplishments of our finest with the rest of the world.

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