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iPhone, Android or Blackberry? UPS has Apps for Them All

At this point, the announcement regarding Verizon’s offering of the iPhone is far from breaking news. Rumors that one of the world’s most popular smart phones was expanding its U.S. exclusivity to partner with the large carrier began circulating years prior to the official announcement made by Verizon this January.

Now, a month later, the media is still flooded with articles and blog postings offering pros and cons to consumers in an effort to help them make informed decisions about which wireless carriers and smart phones are best for their needs. It seems the overall consensus is, “it depends.” The right phone and carrier for each consumer will depend on a variety of factors including their needs, location, habits and budget.

Maintaining our mobile strategy to make UPS available anytime, anywhere, we have developed a UPS Mobile™ website and UPS Mobile Apps for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. This way, regardless of which carrier or smart phone our customers use, they can easily access UPS from their phone. With the UPS Mobile Apps and mobile web site available for the aforementioned smart phones, more of our U.S. and international customers can utilize features that allow them to ship and track UPS packages from their phone and locate their nearest UPS service points.

The importance of mobile technologies is not isolated to the U.S., so we are continuing to evaluate international markets for opportunities to expand UPS Mobile. This past November we released the BlackBerry and Android Mobile Apps for customers in Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Canada and today we are announcing a similar international expansion for the iPhone.

Mobile technologies and commerce only stand to grow in prominence. As the world continues to become increasingly mobile, we will continue to increase our offerings to make it faster and easier for our customers to manage their shipping tasks while on the go.

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  1. I’ve used the iPhone app and I love it!

  2. When is it coming for India. User’s are eager to have it.
    India has over 2 million blackberry users.

  3. UPS will continue its mobile expansion by offering
    m.ups.com in most countries. Any one with a smartphone
    can access the mobile web site and take advantage of
    the ship and track capabilities as well as find the nearest
    UPS location.

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