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For the Love of the Game – and a Chance to Win Tickets to the NCAA Final Four

Print MadnessI am a sports fan.Yes, I am a loyal fan to a handful of particular teams but overall, I am just a fan. I love a close game. I love the players’ passion. I love the camaraderie of the fan base. I am a sports fan.

A couple of years ago, I got to attend the NCAA Final Four in San Antonio, which is one of the hardest tickets to get in sports. In the Final Four, Memphis beat UCLA and Kansas beat North Carolina. I just happened to be sitting in the Kansas section. The Jayhawk fans’ energy and love of the team was infectious. I found myself chanting their cheers and pulling for their team. I became a Jayhawks fan for that weekend.

Fast forward two nights and almost two halves later—Kansas was down by three in the championship game with 2.1 seconds left in regulation. Then, the guard hit a three-pointer to tie the game and send it into overtime. I’ve been to my fair share of sporting events but that moment was by far the most exciting sports moment of my life. Our section erupted and then again when Kansas went on to win the tourney.

This year, you have the chance to experience the “Big Dance.” As part of the UPS and The UPS Store sponsorship of the NCAA Final Four, we are giving away not one, but two pairs of tickets to see the three games live in Houston as part of our Print Madness promotion. For more details, visit The UPS Store Facebook page.

I am so excited for these four fans who will get to experience what I did back in 2008. Ok, and I’ll admit, I’m also a little jealous!

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  1. Fill your dance card with all UK players and all past winning
    coaches who (whom) will be at the winner’s ball. Go Cats
    Go– hope to see Dan Issel there and Richie Farmer…oldies
    but goodies.

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