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Even Basketball Coaches Love Logistics

basketball going into hoopOne of the objectives of UPS’s new “We Love Logistics” advertising campaign is to get people to understand how logistics plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Even simple, mundane tasks such as getting a child off to school in the morning, running personal errands or preparing a family meal are examples of logistics in action.

Logistics even plays a big role in the world of sports, a point driven home in a series of new UPS video spots created for the NCAA® Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, which begins today in Dayton, Ohio.

The series will feature notable NCAA figures such as  Mike Brey, head coach of the men’s basketball team at the University of Notre Dame. In each spot, the coaches speak about how logistics can make the difference between winning and losing in both the world of athletics as well as business.

Four 30-second videos will play on NCAA March Madness® on Demand, which will provide live streaming video of every game of the 68-team tournament. Those spots, along with two 2-minute videos, also will be available on a new UPS NCAA landing page.

Last March, UPS teamed up with the NCAA and CBS Sports to become the official logistics partner of the NCAA. I think this video series is a great way to tell the UPS logistics story within the NCAA sponsorship in a way a lot of people can relate to, especially if you’re into college hoops.

I’m a native of Kentucky, where college basketball is almost a religion and March Madness is a high holiday. In all my years watching the University of Louisville Cardinals and the University of Kentucky Wildcats play in the NCAA basketball tournament, I never considered that it’s not great shooting and rebounding that makes a championship team. All it really takes is great logistics!

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  1. Help. I can’t remember the last name of the former Arkansas BB coach on your TV commercial. The first name is Nolan or Noland.

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