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Honoring the Unsung Heroes of College Basketball

Masters of Logistics video contestThis week kicks off one of the most exciting seasons of the year—yes, spring has started, but I’m actually referring to March Madness (you know, the season employers despise the most?!).

The weeks leading up to March Madness have been filled with stories of inspiring coaches, and players who have overcome all odds to become star college players destined for a career in the NBA.

But there always tends to be a force behind a star, and in college basketball, that force is often the team manager.

This year, The UPS Store is honoring the unsung heroes of college basketball in its Masters of Logistics video contest. The videos of five managers representing four universities—Elon, Duke, Rice and Seton Hall—are now posted on The UPS Store Corp Facebook page. These young men and women handle the logistics of making their teams great—all while balancing their responsibilities as full-time students.

Through April 15, the public can vote for the video that most inspires them by simply “liking” the video on Facebook. The school represented in the video that receives the most “likes” will receive a $10,000 scholarship in the team manager’s name to the university’s general scholarship fund.

In between managing your bracket, be sure to head over to Facebook. View the videos and share them with your friends. I’m pretty confident they will inspire you the way they’ve inspired us.

Oh, and while on our page, check out the sweet deal we are running on color copies as part of our Print Madness promotion. Now, you can save big when making copies of your perfect bracket to rub in your buddies’ faces!

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  1. Top of the Morning to Ya, Happy St Patricks Day and while we are at it Happy Start of NCAA Tournament Day, me and my Bracket are ready 2 go!

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