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UPS Alternative-Fuel Vehicle Dashboard

Every awesome vehicle has a dashboard. Some are retro, some are backlit and some have totally sweet digital gauges. Our dashboard is animated (bonus!) and laid out simply, with friendly colors, making it easy to read. If you looked up “UPS Alternative Fuel Vehicles” in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I’d like to think this is what would spring forth onto the pages. Yes, an awe-inspiring stack of amazing information that even manages to give a shout out to the Sun!  (Face it Polaris, he’s still more popular than you. Get over it!) 

Our alternative fuel vehicles deliver more than simulated trips to distant stars. They pack extra punch in a few ways.

  • They reduce our dependency on imported fuel sources by hundreds of thousands of gallons a year.
  • They reduce CO2 emissions by thousands of metric tonnes annually.
  • These investments lay the groundwork for these technologies to gain a market foothold and get more of these vehicles on the road

I believe UPS’s AFV fleet is an accomplishment worthy of T. Boone Pickens’ admiration. Something worthy of being narrated by an upper-crust British accent. Not prissy though…More Colin Firth and less C-3PO.

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